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‘Breaking’ News: ROLLIN' Bait Services adds Haith’s Ingredients

Friday, 11th March 2016

Ever since Haith's started offering selected base mixes for the home roller, anglers have been asking if there is a rolling company that we recommend. Clearly there is a huge market out there for anglers who either don't have the time, or the inclination to roll their own bait, especially when a large amount is to be rolled.
Well now Haith's Baits are proud to announce that the prestigious rolling company and Approved Bait Firm Rollin' Baits of Rotherham will offer a rolling service to anglers using Haith’s high-quality ingredients.

Anyone who has used this company, and this includes our own consultants Brian Mills and Ken Townley, will tell you just how professional a company is Rollin' Baits. Their attention to detail is second to none and from the moment you place your order you can be assured that you will receive the finished bait on the date promised, fresh, bagged and ready to freeze, air dry or use straight away.

Haith's Baits flagship ingredient has always been Robin Red, but since 2014 we have added three new 'Robins' to the range, each with their own unique signature. Rollin' currently roll all our base mixes, namely Robin Red + Fishmeal, Robin Green + Garlic, Robin Red + Garlic, Robin Orange + Smoked Paprika and Robin Red + Chilli. Please don’t get confused though, as Rollin’ will be rolling for anglers and not for Haith’s as Haith’s don’t sell boilies.

It is worth noting that some of the mixes come ready flavoured with either garlic, chilli or smoked paprika. However, Rollin can offer a bespoke service to each client, so if you have a personal favourite attractor you would like added, just ask when you place your order.

For instance, Robin Red + Fishmeal is on offer flavoured with either Cranberry Nutrafruit, Blue Oyster UTCS or Sea Monster UCTS all from the Nutrabaits stable. The same choice is also offered on Robin Red + Chilli.

Prices start at £42.50 for 5kg for each of the baits in the range, with reductions in the price per kilo kicking in when a larger amount is ordered. For instance 10kg of Robin Red + Chilli is £80 and 20kg of Robin Orange + Smoked Paprika is £145.

“I have used Rollin' Baits to roll my Nutrabaits baits since they first started back in 1999,’ explains Ken Townley, ‘and I can vouch for them 100%. My favourite bait has always been Trigga ATS. The ATS stands for 'and then some' and indicates a few subtle additions to the standard bait to increase still further its pulling power. I have lost count of the number of carp I have caught on Trigga ATS rolled for me by Rollin' Baits, and I would be lost without the company as I am generally too busy (or too lazy) to roll my own! With Rollin' to take the hard work out of bait making you get what you want when you want it, which in this day and age makes a pleasant change.’

Now Rollin have added this service it seems that anglers can fish with Haith’s ingredients in three main ways:

1. Buy bait from an “Approved Bait Firm” – see  for details
2. Buy ingredients direct from Haith’s Baits and roll their own bait
3. Go to Rollin’ and ask them to do the rolling

Other services offered by the company include variable cooking times, round or barrel shaped baits, eggy boilies (egg shell left in), boiled 'sticks' designed for the angler who wants to crumb or chop their baits, and there is even an option to have all or some of your order supplied in paste form.

When you look at the other bait firms who use Rollin' Baits such as Nutrabaits, Mainline, Solar, and Essential Baits you will know right from the start that this is one of the most respected rolling firms in the business, and when you further consider that it is run by carp bait experts John Hallett and Dave Moore you know that this respect is backed with long term and considerable expertise in the art of making bait.
Trigga ATS

This is just one example of the bait that Rollin' have done for me over the years, Trigga ATS barrels.
Robin Red Envite

Haith's Baits and Rollin' Baits have co-operated before. When we were testing the new Robins we used Nutrabaits' Enervite as a starting point from which to work, and Rollin' were asked to make the bait for us. This is my Robin Red-based Enervite rolled into barrels and these performed supremely well on a trip to France in 2012.
Other robins

As you can see the other 'Robins' were also made using Enervite base mix and also were rolled as barrels for my trip.
A lovely common from the 2012 trip

Proof of the pudding! A lovely common from the 2012 trip, caught on Enervite with Robin Red, rolled by Rollin' Baits.
New robin Green Base Mix

This is our new base mix Robin Green + Garlic from Rollin’ - I always ask them to hold back a kilo of the paste when I ask Rollin' to make a batch of bait for me. This is used for hookbait wraps or lead wraps...
This is Trigga barrels

...but I also like to use it as part of the loose feed. This is Trigga barrels with Trigga paste ready to be introduced to my swim at Le Queroy in 2014.
2014 session at Le Queroy.

And this is just one of 70 carp caught during the 2014 session at Le Queroy.
four of the five base mixes as rolled by the Rotherham wizards

Here are four of the five base mixes as rolled by the Rotherham wizards. Top are Robin Red + Garlic (l), Robin Red + Chilli with Black Pepper Essential Oil (r). Bottom are Robin Green + Garlic (l), and Robin Red + Fishmeal flavoured with Nutrabaits Cranberry Nutrafruit (r).
inside of both the Garlic varieties of the new base mixes

Here you can see the inside of both the Garlic varieties of the new base mixes after a 2 minute roll.
Robin Red + Chilli perfectly rolled by Rollin' Baits

Robin Red + Chilli perfectly rolled by Rollin' Baits.
Robin Green + Garlic perfectly rolled

Robin Green + Garlic, a favourite among our testers, and perfect when fishing for crafty and suspicious carp in weedy lakes.

To learn more about the services Rollin Baits can offer take a look at their website:

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