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Confidence in a bait company is of paramount importance to carp anglers and one way to ensure your baits are perceived as being of top quality is to make sure you use and promote the very finest ingredients – and this is where Haith’s comes in . . .

There are some brand names that are synonymous with quality – the very mention of their name instils a confidence in the general public. We’re thinking of the likes of Bentley or BMW in the automotive industry, Heinz or perhaps Waitrose in food. In carp angling it’s a little more parochial, anglers like what they like, but there are one or two companies out there where the very mention of their name makes anglers nod knowingly. One such company is Haith’s. Now this may seem strange to some of you reading this but, rest-assured, by using their products in your bait, and advertising the fact, will work wonders for your sales and how your company is perceived. Quite why has always interested us so Steve and I nipped over to Grimsby for a few hours to chat with Simon King and to have a look at why Haith’s is classed as the Rolls-Royce of particle/bird food producers.

Haith’s has been around since 1937 and in the winter 2013 edition of Carp-Trade we featured a brief history of the company. Any company that’s been around for this length of time must be doing something right and it doesn’t take long to realise how important this is to Haith’s. The factory unit is both immaculate and very impressive. It’s on the Europarc industrial park, just outside Grimsby, which is home to many companies that are specialists in their chosen fields.

Haith’s claim to fame is that they use only the very finest quality ingredients in their products and this can be substantiated by the fact that there are many zoos, aviaries and veterinary companies that have subjected Haith’s products to rigorous tests. This may seem strange but when you are feeding products to very rare and expensive birds you have to be sure what you are feeding them is safe. It’s quite possible to buy cheap bird foods, seed mixes etc, but they can contain dust, mites, moulds and husks, which are not only dangerous to birds but, when used as a bait ingredient, will serve no useful purpose at all and will affect the end product both in terms of quality and nutrition.

All Haith’s products are manufactured with seeds and pulses which have gone through a unique and rigorous cleaning process by a system developed by Haith’s which they call SUPERCLEAN™. Believe me when I say that Haith’s are very, very protective of this system, which is unique to the industry and we were sworn to secrecy on how it works to the extent that we could not take pictures of the process or even find out how it really worked! We were shown the difference the SUPERCLEAN™ process makes though, and it was amazing.

Upon arrival at Haith’s the seed mixes, even though they are the best available, contain dust, husks etc. and whilst many companies will just extract the heavier waste, the Haith’s process cleans the products so much they literally shine! It’s a remarkable transformation and you can see why the products are highly respected by zoos worldwide. It’s not just the seed mixes that Haith’s spend so much time preparing.
Robin Red

One of their most popular, and well-known products is the Robin range. I hesitate to say Robin Red because, although it’s by far and away the best known, there are now four versions of this most famous mix these being red, gold, orange and green. Each is different but is based on the famous Robin mixture of peppers, spices and minerals. It’s very well known that Robin Red has an almost magical effect on carp, and, by using the rest of the range in your baits, you’ll not only get the Robin blend but a slight variation on a them as well as a unique colour. Of course, you can also use the Haith’s logo and name – which is worth its weight in gold – or red, orange or green! To ensure your customers know exactly where you are purchasing your ingredients from, in particular the Robin range, of which there are several inferior copies around, Haith’s will issue companies using their products with a unique licence number that can be included in your advertising or on your products to show that genuine Haith’s products are included.

On our visit we saw just how efficient the whole production process is and the end results are clean, healthy products that will enhance any base mix simply because of the quality of the base ingredients and the due diligence that Haith’s go through to ensure the quality of the final product. Another good reason for trusting Haith’s is simply that the company have such a throughput of seeds and ingredients that there’s no danger of the products sitting in the warehouse gathering dust so to speak. The turnaround is huge and the quality control and cleanliness of the whole facility is exemplary.

Whilst angling has always been secondary to the main bird food business, Haith’s have recently created a whole new website devoted entirely to using their products in carp baits. The combination of perceived quality, reliability of product and the simple fact that as customers see the Haith’s logo on your baits and adverts will cause anglers to flock (sorry!) to your baits should be reason enough to get on board the Haith’s roller coaster as it’s gathering speed!

Nigel Banks – Carp Trade (Angling Publications)