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You don’t need us to tell you that Haith’s are at the very top of the tree when it comes to birdfood ingredients in bait – but have you taken a look a their bespoke, ready-to-go basemixes?

The use of birdfoods in angling baits goes back a long way, but it was the likes of Rod Hutchinson and, going further back, Fred Wilton, who brought birdfoods into the limelight. Back in the 70s Rod was using particles sourced from a local supplier (Haith’s) and his mix of particles and birdfoods along with hemp, maples and tares was really paying dividends. Rod continued to experiment and utilised his knowledge of birdfoods and particles to make paste and boiled baits. At this time a bait pioneered by Fred Wilton, named Red Devil, was doing the rounds and was rumoured to be based on birdfoods. The bait was a deep red colour and Rod put two and two together and came up with Haith’s Robin Red as the secret ingredient. Actually he was wrong, it was PYM (Phillips Yeast Mix) . . . but his baits containing Haith’s birdfoods and Robin Red, worked wonders anyway.
Robin Red

It was against this background that birdfood ingredients in bait took off – and Rod is very often credited with pioneering the use of Nectarblend, Prosecto Insectivorous, Robin Red, Red Factor, PTX and more in baits.

Since those pioneering days it’s been common practice to use birdfoods in baits but there is still some resistance as Haith’s Simon King told us recently: “There are still anglers out there who think using birdfoods in bait is a bit bizarre but the simple fact is that birdfoods in general are an excellent source of nutrition for many living things and our blended birdfoods such as Red Factor, PTX, Nectarblend and CLO are full-range foods in their own right. If we’d designed them specifically as fish-feeds there would be no problem, but because they’re actually designed as birdfoods, there’s still some resistance in some circles. Many anglers/bait companies are also perplexed about how to use individual birdfood ingredients so the combined feeds such as Nectarblend are a very useful way of getting around this problem.

Recently we’ve taken the angling side of our business to a new level by taking out the hard work and making basemixes that will stand up in their own right. Our PROBase™ basemixes contain everything you need to make boilies. They have been developed with input from our angling consultants as well as bait manufacturers and as well as birdfood ingredients, these mixes contain fishmeals and spices along with our Robin range (red, gold, yellow and green) plus such old favourites as Nectarblend, Red Factor and Super Red, and all are ready-mixed, pre-ground, ready to go and, on their own, will make an excellent boilie. Of course flavours, oils and attractor packages can be added to make the baits specific to your company, but if bait companies want to harness the power of the Haith’s name they can purchase the PROBase™ mixes and market them as a completely separate range or modify them for their own personal use.

At the moment we’ve five different mixes, all based on classic bait/birdfood additives and we’ve recently added the PROGarlic™ mix which, as the name suggests, is laced with one of the best attractors we know of, garlic. This mix also contains Robin Red and is a mix with a backnote of spice, which carp absolutely love.

All our PROBase™ mixes contain ingredients of exactly the same quality as we feed to birds and animals throughout the world in our contracts with zoo’s and aviaries so you know that, by using our SUPERClean™ process there is no dust or waste products/husks in the mix. After all, you don’t want waste products in any feed for animals, birds or fish, so why pay for it?”

The full range of PROBase™ basemixes is now available from Haith’s and, by purchasing these products bait companies will have access to the trusted Haith’s logo for use in advertising – and you’ll get the best of both worlds by reducing your manufacturing costs and increase sales, in one fell swoop!

For more details on the PROBase™ range, along with nutritional documentation, contact Courtney Leonard (trade sales advisor) at Haith’s on +44 (0)1472 254582or email