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Carpticle particle fishing for carp

Wednesday, 29th January 2014

Carpticle™ is a blend of mini and micro seeds and cereals (including millet, rapeseed, milo, groats, hempseed, and aniseed oil) specially blended and formulated to allow fermentation to take place.

Carpticle While Carpticle™ will be fairly effective with just a soak, it really comes into its own if the blend is boiled, preferably with a 12-hour pre-soak in salted water. 5g of sea salt per kilo of Carpticle is our recommended inclusion level.

Once it has been soaked place in a pan and bring to the boil. If you wish to cut down on preparation time you can cut out the pre-soak and go straight to the boiling process, just add boiling water, so that the Carpticle™ is well covered.

Now bring to the boil, and then simmer until much of the water is boiled off. Now transfer the cooked bait to a sealable bucket and leave in a warm place (airing cupboard in direct sunlight) for 24-36 hours. You will notice that the gluten in the grains begins to leak out after 24 hours or so, and the longer you leave it the more it ferments and the smellier it gets.

Quick & Easy Carpticle™ 

Simply put 3-4 kilos in a freezer box and add salt and boiling water, which releases the inherent oils from within the seeds. Seal the freezer box and allow the Carpticle™ to steep overnight. Next morning it will be ready to use.

The freezer box method is the perfect one to chose if you are session fishing as it allows you to make batches of bait by the lakeside.

Tweaking Carpticle™ 

You can add the flavour and sweetener of your choice, but I believe that the best way to boost Carpticle™ is to add molasses and Corn Steep Liquor. Add the molasses while the bait is still piping hot as this thins down the tick black liquid, enabling you to stir it in more evenly. Add the CSL when the bait has cooled down a bit.

Why Use Carpticle™ ?

Carpticle™ works so well because it promotes preoccupation in carp. Seed blends like Carpticle™ are known as mass baits because you get a lot of them to the kilo. They are used to achieve a measure of feeding preoccupation, as when carp are feeding on small food items they do show a tendency to become obsessed with the baits and will compete for every last grain or seed.

They tend to be less cautious when they are feeding in such a manner and the greater the degree of preoccupation and aggressive feeding the more the carp throw caution to the wind. I have watched carp literally barge each other out of the way simply to get at the last remnants of a carpet of Carpticle™ . I have even seen them shift quite large stones in order to get at any seeds trapped underneath.

As you can imagine, when they are feeding like this they seem to develop a sort of tunnel vision and throw caution to the wind, and their fear of the hookbait seems to fly out of the window. (Please note: We also sell several alternative seed blends that work on the preoccupation principle, namely Red Band Pigeon Conditioner®, Euro Mix™ , Multi-Seed Mix™ and, of course, our flagship mix SuperRed™ . Correctly prepared these blends are almost guaranteed to draw carp, tench, barbel and chub, thanks to their almost instant attraction and to the size, smell and texture of the overall bait carpet.

Other Tricks

Carpticle™ lends itself brilliantly to being blended with boilie crumb, chopped boilies, pellets or bulk ingredients like semolina. However, try mixing cooked Carpticle™ with Red Factor™ or our flagship mix SuperRed™ , to create a nice sticky groundbait that can be easily compressed into orange-sized groundbait balls. 

Finally, try blending cooked Carpticle™ with an equal quantity of cooked hemp seed. This 50/50 mix is one of the most effective blends you can use. You can boost the attraction by adding a powerful sweetener, Betaine hydrochloride and hemp oil to give added sparkle to this excellent blend.

A little Carpticle goes a long, long way and it will keep the carp happy for ages

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