Crafty Tricks with Hemp Seed
Hemp Seed is our number one best selling seed bait in our catalogue, and with good reason…there’s simply not a freshwater fish that swims that can resist it! However, believe it or not it is possible to boost the immense attraction given off by hempseed still further…Here’re some ideas for you.

Hot Hemp:

During the preparation stage, add dried crushed chillie flakes to the hempseed prior to adding the water. Add a heaped teaspoonful for every kilo – dry weight – of seed. Cover with water and soak for 12-24 hours, then bring the seed to the boil in the water in which it has been soaking. Simmer until the seed starts to split then drain off the water and use straight away. It can also be stored in the freezer if required.

Smelly Hemp:

Prepare the hempseed as normal by simmering until the husks split open showing their white insides (this takes between 40-45 minutes). Once it is ready drain off all the water and turn the still-hot seed into a large bucket. Quickly add 24 drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil and 12 drops of N-Butyric acid. Immediately seal the bucket and shake it well so that each seed receives a coating of the two attractors. NB. Hold the lid on tight while you do this! When the hemp has cooled it is ready to be used or stored. Be warned…it stinks summat awful!

Easy Hemp:

Easy Hemp: ¾ fill a good quality freezer box with hempseed. Add boiling water so that the seeds are just covered and replace the lid, ensuring that it is a good seal. Leave the hempseed to steep in the boiled water for 24 hours and it will be ready to use. Just prior to use, add two tablespoons of salt. .
Blended Hemp:

Mix together equal amounts of Red Band ®, Hempseed and Mini-Maize. Add boiling water and soak the blend for 24 hours. Then place is a suitable saucepan or boiler and bring to the boil. Simmer until the hempseed is ready, by which time the Red Band® and mini-maize will have become very soft as they will absorb much of the boiling water. The blend is now ready to use.