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Don't buy fake Robin Red®

Friday, 5th March 2021

It's a fact that anything of value runs the risk of being copied. A good copy can fool a few people for a while but in the end, it's just a copy.
We find Robin Red copies every year. Some companies claim to have made their version of Robin Red and one or two say they're using Robin Red when they aren't. In the end, it's the angler who's paying for something they're not getting and we think that sucks. That's why this year we've done something a little special to each bag of Robin Red to help us identify its DNA in seconds. We know Robin Red isn't for everyone - not every bait can contain Robin Red; however, this shouldn't be a grey area - either a bait includes Robin Red or it does not.

One way of checking which bait firms buy Robin Red direct from Haith's is to check this page.

All our Approved Robin Red Bait Firms are issued with a unique logo and licence and we encourage them to display the logo on baits containing Robin Red and here's ours:
Robin Red

Another way is to ask the manufacturer if they use Robin Red in their bait and - if you're still uncertain - ask us (Haith's) to confirm. We're more than happy to endorse our Approved Robin Red Bait Firms and clear up any misunderstandings.

Likewise, if you have any evidence of fake Robin Red of you feel you're being lead to believe that a bait includes Robin Red (or any other Haith's ingredients) when it does not, we'd be grateful if you'd drop us a line at . We think anglers should get what they pay for because time's too precious to fish with fake bait.

The other way you'll find out is that when you fish with Robin Red you have history on your side. You name the big names scattered through angling history: there's a good chance they've all fished with Robin Red over the years. It's this heritage that's contained in every grain of Robin Red and the best bait firms in the world know how to get the most out of it.

If you're going to take a day away from work or the family to fish, we want to be certain that you're fishing with Robin Red if that's what you think you have paid for.

Thank you.

Robin Red® is a registered trademark of Haith's® and may not be used unless it features in a bait. 

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