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Dynamite Baits Launches Complex-T Boilie Range Containing Haith's CLO and Robin Red

Tuesday, 13th September 2016

Official launch: 1st January 2017.

Complex-T is a new boilie range developed by the one and only Terry Hearn and it aims to be a "true food bait," says Dynamite Baits. "An open texture helped by the inclusion of Haith's CLO allows all the natural goodness of water soluble pre-digested liver, Antartic Krill meal, LT94 fish meal and Robin Red to leak out even in the coldest water."

Terry Hearn and the Dynamite Baits Team have always known how to get the best from Robin Red agreed the Haith's contingent visiting this year's Tackle & Guns Trade Show (Ricoh Arena, Coventry), but this time they've managed to go one step further and combine it with Haith's CLO to get the best from ingredients such as Antartic Krill and LT94 fish meal. 

The unanimous verdict from Haith's Baits: it looks (and smells) like a winner. And here's the thing - when Dynamite Baits says "this product includes CLO and Robin Red" - that's what it includes, as they're an Approved Bait Firm.

Well done, Dynamite Baits. Boom! 

Visit to find out more. 

Other Approved Bait Firms at the show were Nutrabaits, Pallatrax and Solar Tackle.

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"Haith'S Ingredients" by
26 Jan 2017

Having used your Robin Red in my Baitmaking i'm very interested in this New Dynamite Baits Complex-T as it has another one of your excellent additives namely CLO so instead of rolling my own bait I'm going to give this Compex-T a go as i'm sure it's a winner & could you tell me if Your Robin Red Fishmeal Pellets would be good to use with it as well:)

Haith's customer services:

Hi Rodney,
I am please you are happy with our bait ingredients. There is no reason why our fishing pellets wont work alongside the Complex-T. We currently have an offer on our pellets if you buy 500g you get 500g free. Please click here:
Kind regards

" Comment" by
27 Oct 2016

Can you tell me if complex T is available to order,and if so where from.kind regards Phil.

Haith's customer services:

Hi Philip.

Complex T is being released 1st January 2017 and Approved Bait Firm Dynamite Baits assures us that it will be available from all good stockists. It contains genuine Haith's ingredients including CLO and Robin Red.

Many thanks for your interest

Haith's Baits

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