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First time out on Haith’s base mixes

Friday, 6th February 2015

For this Blog, I thought I would turn back the clock to the first time I used Haith’s Baits basemixes.
The month was May and I had been making a few single egg recipes to see how they behaved through the rolling and boiling stages. Soon it was time to put them in front of some fish to see their reaction to them…

I had arranged a few days with my work mate Ed Gracie who had a stroke just before the xmas before. I had made 2 x 5 egg mixes 1 was the Robin Red & Fishmeal Base Mix, which I flavoured with Fruit Special (from Nutrabaits), and the other was the Robin Red & Chilli Base Mix, which I flavoured with Blue oyster flavour (again from Nutrabaits).

The lake I had chosen was Sapphire Lakes near Newark on Trent, a small water with lots of history attached.

We arrived late Sunday afternoon and fished through till the Tuesday morning. My rigs for the trip were exactly the same as I use for 98% of my fishing; slack line, light lead and homemade combis made from flourocarbon and silkworm braid. On this lake the fish do not like big beds of bait so, with that in mind, I fired out 15 x 16 mm baits to my right along a tree line - followed by a 16 mm hookbait from the Robin Red & Fishmeal Fruit Special bait tube. So that was 1 rod sorted. Rod number 2 was cast between 2 islands and another 20 baits just catapulted in the vicinity and was the Robin Red & Chilli Blue Oyster bait. The 3rd rod was set up chod rig style and was a roamer rod.

Three hours into the trip, my Robin Red & Fishmeal bait was picked up and the fish was soon netted - a mirror weighing in at 15lb 8 oz and a very happy start. A recast and rebait saw me getting settled into the sleeping bag. Two AM and I’m away again - this time to the rod between the 2 islands and on the Robin Red & Chilli mix and another mirror weighing in at 22 lb 12 oz (pictures taken by Ed). Another recast and rebait and back into the sleeping bag a very happy chappie!

Just before dawn I was away again on the same rod - a common of 22 lb lay in the bottom of the net.

What a first 12 hours I was having 2x20s and a mid-double, could it get any better? I didn’t think it could.

No action whatsoever had come to Ed’s rods so mid-day on Monday I said to Ed "the next time my rod goes you can land the fish."

Through the daylight hours of Monday, the only thing that happened was the making of coffee and food and general chit chat. With being up most of the Sunday night I was rather tired so decided to go to bed early, as did Ed, as it was turning quite chilly.

I hadn’t been in bed much more than half an hour when my indicator sounded! Jumping out of bed and pulling into the fish I shouted Ed to get up and take the rod (or words to that effect!) to which he did. After a spirited fight I netted the fish for him and at 21 lb a stunning common was his. Another recast and a few more Robin Red & Chilli boilies made their way into the lake…

The trip was turning into one of those glory, memorable sessions.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning the chilli rod was away again - this time I had another screaming take and, when Ed netted the fish, I was sure that it was another 20 but weighing the fish I had been proven wrong, but not by much! It weighed in at 19lb 12 oz and I was still happy with it.

Climbing back into the sleeping bag I drifted off to sleep with a big smile on my face having banked 2x 20s and 2 doubles but more was to follow; just before 5 AM I had another screaming take and when Ed netted the fish it turned out to be a low double weighing in at just over 12 lb. Just after 6 AM Ed managed to get a run on his own rod but lost it in a reed bed.

A quick summary of the trip:

6 fish caught
22lb 12
22lb Common

21lb Common
3 x 20s

1 x low double

15lb 8
1 x mid double

19lb 12
1 x upper double

1 fish to the Robin Red & Fishmeal and 5 fish to Robin Red & Chilli.

This was the first time that the Haith’s base mixes had been used at the venue so proves that they are instant. We have been back a couple of times since that first trip and I have yet to blank using the baits.

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