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Fishmeal based baits rule the roost, or do they?

Thursday, 16th June 2016

I think it's fair to say that fishmeal based baits tend to rule the roost where carp baits are concerned; however, Haith's produce a couple of standard bird food recipes namely ProNectar and ProClassic, which require further investigation.
For the purposes of this blog, though, I'll be sticking with the ProNectar.

It takes a great leap of faith, but changing over to a bird food based bait can on the right waters change your season.

The ProNectar is a great bait for customising your bait with colour changes - it takes all colours well or you could go the whole hog and add any of the Robins to it. (Robin Gold is a firm favourite of mine for this base mix).

Here is a batch made with 15% Robin Gold - I will detail the full recipe at the end of the blog.
Here is a batch made with 15% Robin Gold

I made these baits for a new water that I am fishing that is no more than 50 yards wide hence they are still in sausage form.

Although it will accept any flavour and because I'm old school with yellow seed mixes I tend to use fruit or cream flavours with them.

With essential oils, anything goes black pepper, clove, bergamot, geranium and peppermint have all been winners in the past along with the flavour types already mentioned .

Now for the exact recipe that I shall be using on the lake:

4 medium eggs

425 gms ProNectar

75 gms Robin Gold

level medicine spoon betaine

level medicine spoon of cream stim

15 ml liquid Robin Gold with 5 spice

When it comes to the flavour combination, I got a little stuck as I have so many part bottles within my bait cupboard
bobbin 2

So, looking for some inspiration I went onto the Haith's baits app and settled on the tropical boilie recipe:

3ml pineapple

3ml banana

2 ml sweet cajouser

They are two of the most instant flavours that I know of. Before I go I would like to thank everybody at Haith's baits for the "Logo" they came up with for my custom set of bobbins.


See you all next time


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