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Friday, 5th September 2014

Our new High Attract Pellets are real game changers; they are uniquely different to run-of-the-mill pellets, and they offer benefits beyond the normal call of duty. Read on to find out how they're changing the game...
Firstly, we wanted to create something unique to encourage anglers to see fishing pellets in a different way. We didn't want to create just "another pellet" to add extra noise in an already crowded pellet market - we wanted to bring something original to market, something that would be a #GameChanger. 

Twelve months of new product development, it’s our pleasure to introduce our new High Attract Pellets range: 

Robin Red® & Fishmeal High Attract Pellets

Robin Red® & Chilli High Attract Pellets 

Robin Red® & Garlic High Attract Pellets

Why High Attract? 

Extruded pellets are sometimes treated at very high temperatures which literally sucks the moisture out of them. This of course makes them hard and robust, but it also affects the way they break down in water. We wanted to create a pellet that “bleeds” better, one that literally oozes attraction – in trials we got great results on the pellets, with carp actively turning over the bottom to get at the food. 

Why a new type of pellet? 

We think it’s time to take a look at a new style of pellet - one built with classic (and new!) ingredients, but one that’s uniquely different. Unlike anything on the market! Softer, but sensational! 

What we’ve achieved: 

We resisted the temptation to make a pellet with similar qualities to the pellets presently on the market. We designed them to ‘bleed’ very nicely (in all but the coldest of waters) so that there’s plenty of attraction oozing from them all of the time. We wanted to add the same product development bait firms’ award to boilies; however, we wanted to put that complexity, goodness and nutritional signal into a pellet and we think you (and the carp) will like what we’ve done. 

This unique quality has delivered a “bigger stamp of fish” during our product trials, according to field testers. Our High Attract pellet is “soft enough to trim down and yet they’re still robust enough to withstand a heavy cast” – a number of field testers remarked upon those two welcome features, including one match fisherman. 

We guarantee genuine Robin Red: 

We can guarantee that there’s genuine Robin Red in our High Attract pellets and the balance of ingredients are made up from classic (and new!) bird food bait ingredients which have a reputation for catching big fish.

Our Robin Red & Garlic pellets are ideal as an attractor on their own and can be placed in PVA bags, or, mixed into a Groundbait, Spod or Stick mix to give them extra, superior attraction.

So there you have it. If you want to change the game and make your sessions sensational, give our new High Attract Pellets a go!

Which one would you like to try first? 

Robin Red® & Fishmeal High Attract Pellets

Robin Red® & Chilli High Attract Pellets 

Robin Red® & Garlic High Attract Pellets


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