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How important is brand awareness to anglers? The answer may well surprise you, and it’s one reason why you need to ensure your company is part of the Haith’s Approved Bait Firms scheme.

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Robin Red Licence
Haith's have launched a new incentive to help make sure anglers know they are buying their baits from an approved Haith’s supplier. Is this important? Well, in a recent survey, 71.4% of anglers questioned stated that they were more likely to purchase a bait if they knew it contained Haith’s ingredients. The same survey returned a 94.2% positive to the question: ‘Has the introduction of the Robin Red® logo and licence helped you identify genuine Robin Red?’

Haith’s have known for some time that anglers are more likely to purchase fishing bait if they know for certain that it contains their genuine ingredients; however, there is widespread concern that some bait firms misuse this goodwill, and either infer they use Haith's ingredients when they don't, or use tiny amounts of key brands, such as Robin Red, to artificially increase the value of goods.

Haith's are standing up for anglers, and say that it's time to come clean, so they are expanding their current approved company licence status Europe-wide, so anglers know which companies are using genuine Haith’s products in their baits. The campaign will run via Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and will feature on email campaigns throughout spring and summer.

Haith’s Simon King told Carp-Trade: "We tend to attract high-quality bait firms, which are leaders in the field, global pioneers who are focused on quality and safety, and bait firms which relish the opportunity to make fishing more enjoyable. Even the small bait firms we supply seem to me to be focused on quality. Time and money are too precious to throw away, and that's why many in the know make their own baits, so they know what's going in them. But what about the anglers who want to fish with our ingredients, but don't want to roll their own bait? The solution is simple – put your trust in one of our Approved Bait Firms.
Robin Red

This unprecedented step to list approved bait companies has been taken because we have a duty to help anglers identify baits containing genuine, authentic and successful Robin Red® and other trademark birdfood baits manufactured by Haith’s. Our Approved Bait Firms have all been issued with the Robin Red logo and unique licence number (each has a unique reference number).

The list is intended to help anglers identify companies which use Haith’s Bait products. The companies listed regularly purchase birdfood baits direct from Haith’s. If your company wants to be part of our scheme, please phone +44 (0)1472 357515 to join, or if you know of a company which advertises that it uses Haith’s products when it doesn’t, call us and we’ll investigate on your behalf.”

Haith's will be running adverts in Carpworld and across their social media platforms during spring and summer to highlight the campaign, and a full list of the Haith's Approved Bait Firms listing can be accessed from their website.