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Ground baits, paste baits and PVA stick mixes

Monday, 13th November 2017

After a self imposed lay off from fishing from mid May through to mid September I started to get the urge to get out fishing again but hadn't got any bait...
Fishing lake

So checking through my bait room I came across a bag of Supernut Ground bait and my mind started to tick over as I done well last year with this using it in paste, groundbait and as a PVA stick mix. Looking at it I knew that it would not make a boilie in its original form.
Supernut ground bait

So out came the old coffee grinder within a few minutes I had enough ground down to do a few test mixes.
Ground supernut

As a starting point I went for 60 ml of liquid to 100 gms of the ground down new basemix. These turned out well but a little soft so a few more tests were needed.

I ended up with 50 ml of liquid to 100 gms of base mix the liquid content was 10 ml of preserveative and 40 ml of liquid egg the only reason the presevative was added was because until I actually got on the bank I did not know wether I would enjoy my fishing again, so armed with the test batches I head towards a local runs water where I banked 5 fish nothing over 8 lb but I had gotten the bug back again. I have since taken the baits to my syndicate water and continued to catch with the best so far being a 20lb 8oz common.
20lb common carp

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