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Haith's Baits backs Approved Bait Firms & Anglers

Wednesday, 15th April 2015

Haith's is today launching its "Buy ready-made baits from an Approved Bait Firm" campaign to inform anglers how they can find out which manufacturers use their bird food bait ingredients. The campaign will run via twitter, facebook, Google plus and will feature on email campaigns throughout spring and summer. Find out why Haith's is backing carp bait manufacturers...
Haith's recent market research revealed that anglers are more likely to purchase fishing bait if they know for certain that it contains their genuine ingredients; however, there is widespread concern that some bait firms may misuse this goodwill and either a). infer they use Haith's ingredients when they don't b). use tiny amounts of key brands, such as Robin Red, to artificially increase the value of goods, or c). use out-of-date ingredients that may have lost their appeal. Haith's is standing up for anglers and saying that it's time to come clean...

The good news is that Haith's Approved Bait Firms are backing the campaign and are happy for Haith's to point out who's using their ingredients. 

"We tend to attract high-quality bait firms - leaders in the field - global pioneers who are focused on quality, safety, and bait firms that relish the opportunity to make fishing more enjoyable. Even the small bait firms we supply seem to me to be focused on quality. No-one wants to take a day off work and fish with a bait that's lost its effectiveness. Time and money are too precious to throw away ("Lost time is never found again" - Benjamin Franklin) and that's why many in the know make their own baits - to know what's going in them. But what about the anglers who want to fish with our ingredients, but don't want to roll their own bait? The solution is simple, put your trust in one of our Approved Bait Firms," explains Simon King. 

Haith's will be running adverts in Carpworld Magazine and across their social media platforms, during spring and summer.

The Haith's Approved Bait Firms' listing can be accessed here

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