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Haith’s Red Band and Dynamite Baits deliver a carp explosion

Friday, 26th July 2013

After arriving at 5pm on a 40 acre pit in Devon that holds only six carp, I proceeded to bait up with Red Band particles with added Haith’s Hemp, tigers and Dynamite Baits’ boilies. I spoded out 7kg of mix over the fare margin in about 7 foot of water, then placed a 20ml “Crave” boilie - tipped with a tiger - on top.
At around 8pm, I had a screaming take that resulted in a 21lb common. Happy days!

I placed the rod out and tucked myself up for bed as I had work in the morning.

At around 4.30am the same rod was away, and a powerful fight resulted in a lovely big common of 27lb.

Only being able to do nights on my canal is great as 90% of the carp come out in darkness as its quiet, but this venue is tough. Very tough!

So, from the success I've had on Red Band I adopted that approach again with the hope the bream also wasn't addicted to this stuff.

I spoded out 5kg in 12 foot on the opposite side of the canal with a Dynamite bait tipped with a tiger, and one rod in the margin with a 1kg of particle. At 10pm my fare rod was away and landing a 25lb common, what a great start! Then, 20 minutes later, my margin rod was away, with a 21lb common. Two carp in one night and both 20+ Wow! Rods Redon and particle spoded out I had ANOTHER run on the fare rod resulting in a tough battle and a PB of 31lb of pure canal mirror.

A great result and I'm sure the Red Band, Haith’s tigers and Hemp had everything to do with it.

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