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In the (Robin) Red and Plan B

Monday, 19th October 2015

Not long ago an eagerly anticipated parcel was delivered to my cottage. After opening it carefully, it contained some nice quality T shirts and a very nice eye shading cap...both were bearing the Robin Red logo/legend.
Robin Red Tshirt
Robin Red Tshirt Trophy shot 2

Robin Red Trophy Shot 3
Well obviously I had to try and get a picture or two of me plus a fish or two, to honour the generosity of Haith’s and the Ferrari Red of Ken Townley’s choice.

So where to go?

An obvious choice would be my syndicate pool - but sadly I didn't even get a bleep for my efforts...[Editor’s note: it’s good to know that even Adam blanks! Lol]. So my own place being the venue of choice next time out...not only was I desperate to get a photo or two `in the red’ but I also had a new unhooking mat to `blood` plus a new brolly, too, so I was excited as you can imagine.
use Robin Red as a glug

Now although I love using and making my own boilies from Haith’s products, I`m not afraid to try something new (to me). Lately I have been using the Liquid Robin Red as a glug using imitation plastic baits, which are critically balanced with the tiniest of putty. It’s a devastating method. I’ve used it on an 81 acre lake to a famous history water and – if I’m struggling - it`s now my first port of call.

You can see in the photo the rig and the glugged fakes in LRR...I also dip the small PVA bag or 5 bait stringer in neat LRR too....

Anyway, I did indeed get my photo of the `Ferrari Red` Robin Red plus I `blooded’ my new unhooking mat and supurb oldskool brolly system...

I'm a bit of a disciple of the LP..B phiolosphy and Haith’s is a major part of this; so much so LP..B is engraved on the bottom of my custom self designed landing net...

LP..B = Location, Presentation and Bait...[also, unless the LP..B logo is upfacing I wont catch ]....he he...!

On the session it was freezing fog, but just to show anyone who reads this (and I’m assured there are a good few of you) I survived and was happy to eat my four sausages in the morning on my mini Trangia stove. [Editor’s note: if these bangers burst, Adam – you may never hear your bite alarm go off again! They’re HUGE].

Ignore the glugged LRR plastics at your peril when it comes to scratching for a bite..

My son Mike is also a very keen angler, both carp and traditional angling too. For some time I have promised him a session on an `off the radar`carp lake shown to me by my good friend and brilliant carp AND match angler, Green Giant, who feature in an earlier blog post – see

So early morning the other day finds me and Mike booming up the dual carriageway, in anticipation of a good days fishing - with lovely views of the countryside to boot. As we arrived to the` quiet` venue we were greeted with the sight of a whole host of anglers preparing for a match. We stopped and spoke to a few of them and they were decent, but I don't do lots of people fishing at the same time…and plan B was called into being...

I always have a plan B...!!!!!

After a short chat with my son I dug out the satnav and typed in `find lake`...`.wink`.....twenty five minutes later the satnav did indeed do its job and this time we found another of my little known pools that I have searched out over the years...

We ended up just using two rods each and covered the close in margins using Haith’s supersoft pellets, hemp seed and glugged in LRR fakes/plastics.
Adam Roots Catch
Mike Trophy Shot 1

Unusual scaling
Mike Trophy Shot 2

It didn't seem long before the slackened line on my right hand margin trap tightened and there was a large boil, then a bow wave as the hooked carp shot off...As you can see in the pictures this was repeated more than a few times. My son also had some lovely fish (pictured) and although not the largest for him on this trip, certainly a very unusual scaling.

The moral of this blog post: always have a plan B. Sometimes it can make a bad day…good.

Enjoy the countryside and fishing.

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05 Apr 2016

great photos adam , I will get my son warren to post up his fish , keep them coming , x

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