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Ken answers your most frequently asked questions

Friday, 10th November 2017

My inbox frequently contains questions and requests for information from visitors to our web page. Quite often the same questions crop up again and again so I thought I would answer a few of the more common ones.
One of the most frequently asked questions is: Are all particle suppliers alike?

Robin Red HB

The answer you will not be surprised to read is, definitely not! Haith’s are one of the largest suppliers of high-quality seeds, pulses, particles and other bird foods in Europe. They sell thousands of tonnes of product a year so you can be sure that their stock is always fresh and of the best quality available. The market is full of inferior products, though, and price can be a good guide as quality always costs. In addition, Haith's range is so highly thought of that many of the major bait companies buy their raw materials and other products from them. For instance, Nutrabaits' Big Fish Mix contains genuine Robin Red and it is just one of many 'red' base mixes currently available.
Nutrabaits big fish mix

Which brings me on to another FAQ: Is it true that Haith’s are one of the major suppliers of bait ingredients, seeds and other particles to the top bait companies of Europe?

Yes indeed! They supply most of the top names in the business. Dynamite Baits, Nash, CC Moore, DNA Baits and many more. In addition, they supply bait firms in France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic (sixteen EU countries in total). They rather generously list what they call their "Approved Robin Red Bait Firms" on a page entitled Fish Like You Mean It page to help anglers find the genuine product. Once on the page, simply select your country and a list of their approved dealers and bait companies in that country will appear. You will be astonished at the number of top names on the list!

Haith's started listing approved sellers after numerous questions along the following line came to our attention: I have tried to obtain Robin Red from other suppliers but it doesn’t seem the same as yours. How can I be sure that I am buying genuine Robin Red and other products?

Robin Orange HB

It is true that there are still some very iffy copies of Haith's flagship products on offer to the unsuspecting angler and in some cases the product in question is a poor copy of Haith's registered product. This is particularly true on the continent, where unscrupulous dealers and bait firms have tried to copy Haith's unique recipe and benefit from its goodwill. In the end, the angler loses. And that's why they set up the Approved Dealer's list. Buy from one of those outlets and you are guaranteed that what you buy will be genuine Haith's Baits products. Do not accept 2nd best! There is only one Robin Red (and Robin Orange, Green, and Gold) and that comes from Haith’s Baits.

Robin Green HB
Robin Gold HB

Robin Red

One question that comes around as regularly as tomorrow is: What exactly goes into Robin Red?

Well, that is a trade secret! is the registered trademark of our flagship product. It is, without doubt, the finest carp attractor of all time, having accounted for literally thousands of carp over the years. The recipe is a subtle blend of oils, peppers, sugars and spices but if we told you the exact details, we’d have to kill you! Well, not really. But you get the idea, right?

Similarly, we are often asked: Why can't I obtain your specialist bird food blends at my local farmer's warehouse?

Red Factor

While certain outlets of the sort mentioned do indeed carry stock of some of our products they are approved dealers. To become 'approved' isn't that easy in the first place. However, to remain 'approved' is even tougher, because bait manufacturers have to order regularly to maintain stocks of fresh ingredients. Many farm warehouses offer poor quality storage and that affects the quality of seeds and foods. Brand names like PTX, Prosecto, Red Factor and Nectarblend are unique to Haith’s. They have been blending these products for over half a century and sell tonnes of them every year, so they must be effective! Some of their more complicated blends contain over a dozen separate ingredients. Others have tried to copy these original products but they are pale imitations. If your PTX, for instance, does not look like this, don't buy it!


Tiger nuts are among top sellers and I get asked questions about them on a regular basis. The most common is: Why can’t I get my tiger nuts to ferment properly so that they become ‘gloopy’?

I suspect it is because you are preparing them wrongly in the first place. Read the instructions here on how to prepare Tiger Nuts. Make sure you are adding enough sugar at the soaking stage and also ensure that the prepared Tigers are stored in an airtight bucket, preferably in a warm environment such as the airing cupboard or kitchen. To be frank I am far from certain that gloopy tigers are any more or less attractive than the fresh ones. In fact, whenever possible I actually prefer to use fresh bait of all kinds, not just tigers.
Tuger nuts

Why do most particles need to be boiled?

There are four main reasons:

1) To soften them and make them more palatable for the carp.

2) To kill off any harmful bacteria that might be lurking inside them (kidney beans are a case in point).

3) To ensure that uneaten bait cannot germinate, and

4) to release in-built oils, sugars and other attractors that carp find so irresistible.

Boiling Particles

How much bait do you suggest I use for a day’s fishing?

Much depends on the time of the year. In addition take into account how many carp you are fishing for. On well-stocked waters you need more bait than on sparsely stocked ones. Some particles respond better to heavy baiting than others. Carp seem capable of consuming vast quantities of oat groats, mini-maize and hempseed, for instance, whereas they soon become full if they eat larger pulses and beans. Play it by ear but remember, it is easy to put more bait in, but impossible to take it out once it’s in! I tend to go by the old show-biz maxim, "Always leave them wanting more!".

Do you need to boil Micro Complex and Carpticle?

The short answer is no. However, all seed blends are improved by boiling. Heat releases the blend’s built-in goodness and greatly boosts the flavour. It also releases the gluten content which carp find very attractive. I know which I prefer and it's boiled every time. Compare these two photos.

Micro Complex

The first shows Micro Complex after 24-hour soak. Already you can see that it is starting to release some of its attraction.
Micro Complex after 24 hours soak

However, compare it with this picture. This is Micro Complex after a 24 hours soak and a 20 minute boil. Lovely grub!

What is Euro Mix and why do you only sell it in larger quantities?

It is a blend of flaked maize, oat groats Micro Complex and crushed hempseed. I actually put this mix together after using it in France with Bill Cottam and Brian Skoyles. The pair had created a basic concept of an easy-to-prepare seed blend that did not need boiling. I took their basic idea and adapted it using Haith's Baits ingredients and the result is a blend that is ideal for creating an amazing groundbait specifically for fishing abroad. It can be made up on the bank using lake water and is instantly attractive without the need for boiling.
Seed Blend

To get the best from the Euro Mix it should be added to flavoured lake water. You can also include one of the liquid foods as in their natural state they can release their full potential, as they are not heated during the preparation stage. (Amino acid-based liquid foods are denatured by heat to a degree.) After an overnight soak the blend is ready for use. Incidentally, by increasing the quantity of oat groats as a proportion of the whole blend you can create a very potent milky groundbait that pulls carp in by the dozens!
Milky Groundbait

Can I make boilies out of neat SuperRed?
Super Red

You can indeed but a certain amount of preparation is required beforehand. This is because in its natural state SuperRed is a coarse and crumbly mix. So first you will need to create SuperRed powder using a coffee grinder or similar (on the right in this photo).
SuperRed powder

The powder can then be mixed with eggs and flavour and rolled into boilies.
SuperRed powder mixed

You can also use a fifty-fifty blend of SuperRed and semolina or fine ground Red Factor to create boilies.

Can you recommend the best additives to mix with your particles?

Large pulses, peas and beans take flavour very well. I prefer the glycerol-based flavours as they withstand the effects of prolonged boiling times better than other alcohol-based flavours, which tend to evaporate more quickly. Fruit and Spice flavours are very effective as are essential oils; black pepper is my particular favourite.
Fruit and Spice additives

You can also include a sweetener of some sort. Molasses is the perfect additive as it adds both sweetness and flavour to the bait, and it will give a significant boost to your particles.

What are the best additives for your Method Mixes?

You cannot beat the liquid foods. They are far better than flavours and as there is no heat involved the neat attraction simply oozes out once the loaded Method Feeder hits the lakebed. Again I can thoroughly recommend molasses but all the popular amino acid-based liquid foods are just as effective. There is no upper limit to how much you want to add by the way!

Are your products unique to Haith’s?

Yes, absolutely. Haith's flagship blend, Robin Red is actually a registered trade mark while other mixes such as Red Factor, Prosecto, PTX etc. are blended in-house to their own secret recipe. Other bait firms may tell you that they have Haith's recipes but they haven’t. We know what goes into the blends; they can only guess and try to imitate. Here's the thing, copying Robin Red is like copying gold. Why bother? You can make it look similar, even smell similar. But when you scratch deeper, it's a fake. Would you rather have the real thing or a pale imitation? You chose! Remember that when you buy from one of our approved sellers you are guaranteed to receive the genuine article and thus reap the full rewards of using a quality bait.
Ken's Mirror Carp

Why are Haith’s so massive?

We sell only the best and freshest products and we pride ourselves on our network of approved dealers. Haith's Baits is a huge, privately owned business with it's own large, modern factory.
Haith's Baits Factory

Quality comes first and quality always costs more than the cheaper grades of feed that some of their competitors sell. While Haith's Baits may not be the cheapest, the company is certainly among the very best thanks primarily to their quick turnover of product and quality buying that ensures only the freshest ingredients reach the buyer.

Tight lines…
Fishing Lake

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