Some call him "Cornish Ken" we just call him Ken.

If you're a carp angler, there's a good chance you'll know all about Ken and his love for carp fishing. Google "Ken Townley" and there's no shortage of links to his leading-edge articles on bait preparation and strategy. He's a guy not to be messed with; passionate to the core about what he does and ready to share what he knows at the drop of a hat. That passion reveals itself through Ken's library of bait-making articles on the blog. If you really want to know what goes into your bait, there's no better place to start than by reading an article written by Ken Townley. Yes there are plenty of anglers writing about their exploits and sharing their results, but Ken's special to Haith's Baits because he's an angling writer and he's helped thousands of anglers do what they do better and - in the meantime - made it safer for carp, too, by focusing on the correct methods of particle (and nut) preparation.
Ken Townley doing what he does best, and then writing about it.

We first met Ken around fourteen years ago and he didn't pull any punches with us: "You've got all these amazing bird food baits, you're like an Aladdin's cave, but you don't make it easy for anglers to use them. Sort it out!" Since then, Ken's played an important role in the development of just about every bait ingredient we've developed and he's written at great lengths about Robin Red and traced its history back in numerous articles. In fact, if you haven't read at least one of Ken's Robin Red articles you probably don't have an internet connection. Of course, Ken's not on his own when it comes to praising the attraction of Robin Red; his angling influencers - Ian Booker, Rod Hutchinson, Tim Paisley & Bill Cottam all had the same thing in common.


Tim Paisley
Of all the baits Ken's helped develop there's one that stands head and shoulders above the rest, SuperRed. SuperRed is a unique bait which contains a goliath amount of Ken's experience blended into one recipe. There are lots of independent bait-makers out there who say they know a thing or three about making bait well, we challenge you to make a bait better (and as flexible) than SuperRed. Without Ken's help, you probably couldn't.

But that wasn't enough for Ken; he went on to create a family of "The Reds".

Today Ken can be found sharing his knowledge on Carp Forum and he of course writes regularly for many angling magazines including EC publications. In fact, as I (Simon King) write this piece I've just heard from Ken and he's writing for a German magazine this week. You see that's the thing about Ken's articles, you may not know that you've even read one as his work is published throughout Europe and some of his work is "lifted" into endless articles and translated into several languages.

Ken plays an important roll in bait testing. He's not a "consultant" or a "field tester" he's an angling writer who knows how to fish with the best. He used this experience to help create some of the most significant bait developments in Haith's history, including:

Haith's CLO:

The New Robins:

Ken's very much a part of Haith's history and there's no-one better to work with when it comes to creating the finest bird food bait ingredients in Britain.

Thanks, Ken.

Simon King & The Haith's Baits Team.

PS. You can access Ken's numerous bait-making articles via the Haith's Baits Blog; however, we suggest you say hello to him via Carp Forum - Click here - Say "Hi!" from us, too.