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Liquid Robin Red from Haith's

Liquid Robin Red®

Liquid versions of our flagship Robin Red range of ingredients. All field-tested over 18 months.

Was the wait worth it? We think so.

(Note to trade accounts: all our liquids are available in bulk, please email for more information).

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LIQUID ROBIN GREEN® with Spirulina and Garlic
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LIQUID ROBIN RED®Robin Red Licence Icon
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Field-testing in an important part of bait-creation; many of our "Approved Robin Red Bait Firms" go to amazing lengths to field test and develop new baits and we wouldn't dream of launching a product onto the market without matching their dedication to getting things right. It's taken us 18 months to bring Liquid Robin Red (LRR) to the market, but it's arrived with a significant splash!

There are several Liquid Robin Red products already on the market and we're big fans of a small number of them (CC Moore's is excellent with 20% Robin Red and Dynamite have a cracking version of Liquid Robin Red. Try them with confidence as they both contain genuine Robin Red).

For us (Haith's), it's easy to see which liquids contain acceptable levels of Robin Red. One major bugbear remains for us, and that's the fact that we (as a fishing collective) don't seem to like publishing the percentage inclusion rate of Robin Red on packaging/the internet nor in our marketing. We (Haith's Baits) try annually to encourage bait firms to come clean about Robin Red inclusion rates and some, more each year it has to be said, accept our advice and make it clearer.

Our Liquid Robin Red contains 20% Robin Red. Why? In our trials, 20% worked best; however, that's not saying that Robin Red won't work in liquid form at, say, 10% or 15%, it all depends on what's being added to the inclusion rate and whether (or not) those ingredients add value to the combined mix. Our goal was to create a liquid that screamed Robin Red. Others, we appreciate, have different goals and that's what makes bait-making such a fascinating art/science.

Our message is simple: when it comes to buying any Robin Red product – shop with an “Approved Robin Red Bait Firm” or shop direct with Haith’s.

What we think you'll like most about Liquid Robin Red (LRR) is its versatility; add in liquid form to boilies; pellet and particle mixes; stick and spod mixes. It's PVA Friendly and, as stated above, it contains 20% Robin Red straight off the [TOP SECRET] production line.