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My bait for the coming fishing season

Thursday, 21st April 2016

The base mix was easiest to sort this being The Robin Red / Chilli mix for the simple reason that where ever I have used it, it has produced fish for me and very quickly as well. Here's what I do...
Robin red base mix

Attractor package:
Attractor Package

The first two extra powders are always GLME at 10 gms per 500 gms of base mix and betaine at 2 gms per 500 gms of base mix


My choice of flavour this year came about by accident really; I work in a fresh food warehouse and one particular day I was thinking about which flavour to use, and every ten minutes I was seeing trays and trays of plums... So I thought, that must be an omen - get on the plum (4 ml per 5 eggs)

To complement the plum flavour, I acquired some fruit 'stim' from feed stimulants, a dutch company that has quite a few different stimulant powders. It's a strange smelling powder as one minute you can smell pineapple then the next smell is like a bubble-gum. Some of the other interesting powders from Feed Stimulants include:

Fish Stim Summer Amino Mix Winter Amino Mix Multivitamin Compound

Mixed Base Mix

Weigh out 500gms of base mix and place into a bucket with a tight fitting lid. Next, weigh out the 10gms of GLME and also add the betaine and feedstim powder at this point (a level medicine spoon of each) and place in a bucket. Seal the lid, and give it a good shake to mix the contents thoroughly. Keep repeating this until the second bucket is full. (Doing all of this does save time when it’s time to make the paste as you are not stopping and starting weighing out the ingredients).

Other Liquids:

Cod Liver Oil (CLO) is my choice of fish oil and has been for a very long time and is added at 10 ml per 5 eggs.


CSL liquid is a good product that comes from steeping maize and one that I've not seen or heard of being used much these days.

Make The Paste:

I will not bore you with 'how to make the paste' - but, if it is your first-time bait-making, please read one of my other blogs ( to learn more.

When I make my bait I generally just make 3 x 5 egg mixes (16 mm baits boiled for 2 minutes) as this helps with what I do next as I find it more beneficial for my short session fishing.
Air drying

I leave the baits to air dry for 24 hours, and then place the rolled baits into another bucket and the add 20 ml of minamino and 4 ml of flavour.
Bait wash
Applying bait wash

I place the lid firmly on again and give everything a bit of a shake to coat all the baits with a thin film of the new liquids. Bag up immediately, and freeze the bait. I leave the bait in the freezer for a minimum of one week.
End result

Then when removing from the freezer the minamino and flavour will be drawn into the outer skin of the bait and will give off a food single more or less straight away.

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