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Natural attraction with Haith's Baits

Tuesday, 6th January 2015

For my first blog of the year I want to look at a few ways of introducing natural attraction into your swim. In these days of ever more exotic flavours and attraction, what could be more natural that mother nature's own fare?
Insects, worms, extracts, herbs and spices, oils, plants, flowers. I'll feature all of these in this Blog...

First of all, welcome to 2015. May I wish you great happiness for the coming year, both at home and on the bank. This year is going to be an exciting one for Haith's Baits as they have some surprising new products and ideas in store for you. Keep watching our Facebook page for details:
Robin Orange and Robin Gold Pellets

January will see the launch of two additional (see below) SuperSoft Pellets to the range - if you have read my previous blog entries you will know just how highly I rate these totally 'different' pellets. The success I and my fellow testers have enjoyed while using them has been astonishing.

Have a read below if this is your first visit:

The two new versions are Robin Gold + Five Spice and Robin Orange + Smoked Paprika and as you can see by the photo these feature two new Liquid Robins that are currently in production and due to be released in 2015.
Blue Oyster Pellets

Another new pellet that has crossed my desk just before Christmas is the new Blue Oyster Pellets from Nutrabaits. Now you will know from reading the above that I sometimes like to use a blend of pellets with differing breakdown times, and while the SuperSofts are great for fast breakdown, there are times when you need to have some solid residue amongst the soft pellets, after they are more or less fully broken down. The Blue Oyster Pellets are slow release; slow breakdown and they compliment the SuperSofts perfectly.
a blend of several brands of pellet

Here you can see a blend of several brands of pellet including the three new ones mentioned above. The others comprise a generic 'car' pellet, some original SuperSoft Pellets and a few prototypes of a hard Robin Red pellets that is undergoing testing at the moment.
Put your pellet blend into a strong polythene bag

Put your pellet blend into a strong polythene bag...
add some liquid attraction

Next add some liquid attraction an as we are talking 'natural' today, what could be more natural than the complex blend of oils and spices that make up Liquid Robin Green - LRG (coming soon). You won't need much; a little goes a long, long way. Simply pour a few mls over the pellets in the bag...
gather the neck of the bag and then breath into it to inflate it

...gather the neck of the bag and then breath into it to inflate it. Then give the bag a good shake. This ensures that each pellet gets a nice little coating of LRG to enhance the attraction still further.
Rose Water as an attractor

One little tip that has not been in the public eye at all as far as I know is the use of Rose Water as an attractor. I first discovered this by accident when watching the Great British Bake Off (OK, it's now official. I am a sad b......!). I asked Tat if she had any, and she brought the bottle from the kitchen. At first sniff, it reminded me strongly of a very Old Skool (sic) flavour that was sold under the Geoff Kemp label, namely Perfume Spray. Now I have to tell you, this is one of the best flavours I have ever used so on the basis of that I started experimenting with the cooking version, Rose Water. The carp loved it! Unfortunately it starts to affect the SuperSoft Pellets as soon as it is poured on, as it is water based, so try adding a few mls just prior to introducing the pellets.
totally natural essential oils

While on the subject of the purely natural Rose Water, have you every stopped to consider how totally natural are essential oils? I am guessing now but I believe that Perfume Spray was a blend of the essential oils of rose and geranium, perhaps with another EO mixed in so what better attractor package that Rose Water and geranium Essential Oil?
Take equal amounts of Haith's CLO (right) and Red Factor (left)

Sorry to go over old ground but this tip is such a goodie it bears repetition! Take equal amounts of Haith's CLO (right) and Red Factor (left)
and mix them together using the same polythene bag idea

...and mix them together using the same polythene bag idea outlined above. This ensures perfect blending.
Put some water in a mixing bowl and then add some Rose Water and some Geranium Essential Oil

Put some water in a mixing bowl and then add some Rose Water and some Geranium Essential Oil and blend with a fork until a stiff paste forms.
add Liquid Robin Red and mix or knead the dough

Finally add Liquid Robin Red and mix or knead the dough. The paste will stiffen as the CLO and Red Factor absorb the water.
Large Paste Ball

You can then form a big ball of paste that can be used in a myriad of ways, which you will find described elsewhere on this Blog.
Store the paste in a polythene bag

Store the paste in a polythene bag. It will last ages as there is little in there to cause degradation. It will certainly last the length of a weekend trip or even a fortnight's trip, that's how versatile it is.
let’s talk mealworms

Staying with the natural theme let’s talk mealworms; these are hugely attractive to carp and they can be used in all manner of ways, as I have described in this blog. Haith's Mealworm Crumble is out there just waiting for you to unlock its secrets. I'll say no more.
Dried mealworms are fantastic bait

Dried mealworms are fantastic bait. They can be used just as they come or they can be rehydrated by soaking in warm water for about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, dried or rehydrated they float.
medium sized stocking mesh bag

However, this is far from being a drawback. Fire out a medium sized stocking mesh bag of dried mealworms and wait for the mesh to melt and the worms to disperse on the breeze. Then watch the carp go crazy! They will eat anything that they can get their lips around so a small pop-up of Zig bug fished on a controller will receive attention sooner rather than later. Try not to let others see what you are doing as this will spoil one of the biggest 'edges' you will even enjoy while floater fishing. ;-)
Prosecto Insectivorous

Finally on the natural theme, whatever you do, don't overlook the options open to you by using Prosecto Insectivorous. I wrote about this stuff not so long ago so take another look...

Cheers for now.

Ken Townley

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"Inclusion Amounts" by
03 Nov 2016

How much Rose Water and Geranium EO per 500g mix Ken?

Haith's customer services:

Hi Peter

5ml Rose water and 20 drop of geranium EO.

I hope this helps

Haith's Baits

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