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New Robins field test

Tuesday, 25th September 2018

It was the end of June when I had an email from both Ken and Simon, asking me if I would like to test a batch of already rolled baits. My first question was "whose rolling them" the answer came back that it would be Rollin Baits.
Which was great news to me as Rollin baits are the only company I have trusted to roll my baits for me if not doing them myself? The baits arrived on 7th of July and as the heatwave had just started and I had hung my rods up until it was over as I didn't want to stress any fish I was lucky enough to catch. They were put in the freezer until the right opportunity arose to use them.
A few day trips in late August was planned using my own bird food-based bait containing ready mixed Robin red, peanut meal, true milk proteins and 1 or 2 other bits and pieces saw me still blanking.
Then a trip was arranged with a group of friends to fish woodland waters at Ancaster nr Grantham. So, the plan was set and out came the Prochilli. My favourite base-mix out of the range but these were the ready rolled version.
Swim choice was made NOT because of fish activity, although there was some but made so as that all 7 of us could be close together not an ideal situation but it was social.
Bivvy up and rods out by about half-past 3 saw 200 of the Prochilli baits plus another 100 of my own fishmeal spread across the front of my swim and sat down to await developments.
The first 3 or 4 hours was done fighting off the ducks and swans off of my baited margin Rod that consisted of hemp, red band, groats and tares in equal quantities. At 1 AM the swans had come back waking me in the process, by now I was getting rather mad at them scaring them off. I got back into my sleeping bag, then at 6 AM they are back and me getting out the bivvy and grabbing my new line of attack for them slapping the spomb on the water. Soon had them in retreat getting back into the bivvy and putting the kettle on for a coffee and doing a vlog entry. At 6:30 a single beep on my alarm had me thinking the swans had returned getting out the bivvy seeing no swans but my indicator rising upwards I brought the rod to its battle curve and soon had the fish landing in my net weighing in at 15lb 10 the prochilli had worked for me again. In my experience with this bait, it works everywhere I take it.
Catch 1
Having a few baits left I had decided to use them up on my syndicate water so a day session was planned for the Friday. Arriving at the lake at the crack of 10am, saw me deposit the rest of the boilies into the swim. Fish pop up from feed stimulants over the top of them, 3 hours later the bobbin smashes into the rod at 13lb 4. Another hour later a 14lb 3 and then at 3pm a small tench.

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