Haka TakleHaka Robin Red Licence

Haka Tackle is the John E Haith Ltd Third Country EU Representative (TCR) and is registered in the Netherlands with the Approval Representative Number - 221861 (NVWA).

Haka Tackle can distribute Robin Red and Haith's ingredients within the Netherlands and throughout the EU - visit http://hakatackle.nl/ Robin Red® Licence No: RR2130413213NL

MTC Baits Logo MTC Baits Robin Red Licence Number
MTC Baits - www.mtcbaits.nl/-w0cm-/nl/winkel/ingredienten/haiths/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR1352623115NL


TT Baits
TTB Baits - www.ttbbaits.com

Pro line carp productsPro line Robin Red License
Pro Line Carp Products BV - https://prolinecarpproducts.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2235611313NL


KCB International KCB International Robin Red Licence
KCB International - www.kcbinternational.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2258917715NL

BAS Factory LogoBAS Factory Robin Red Licence
BAS FACTORY - www.basboilieshop.nl
Robin Red® Licence No: RR1270523115NL