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One minute carp

Monday, 8th December 2014

In many ways I`m very fortunate; you see, literally, one minute is all that it takes to drive from my cottage to a small but perfectly formed complex of lakes. It’s a mixed fishery with some lovely big Roach and Carp amongst the species present, including very big Goldfish.
I can vividly remember the day the lakes were dug and I watched excitedly, perched high up on a defunct railway line, a victim of Dr Beeching in the the digger worked hard to construct the pools. Whilst I was watching, the digger overturned (the driver wasn’t hurt) and he dug himself out leaving a `hollow` by the island. I logged this in my mind for future reference...
Robin Green Pellets

Not long ago, I hadn`t had my angling fix and only had a few hours at my disposal. And so a quick plan was formulated based around the SuperSoft Robin Green pellets and homemade Haith’s Robin Red 14mm boilies, with added CLO for coarseness and leakage, added to this was 5ml of Cranberry E/A Nutrafruits flavour - a proven short session catcher.


I only use two rods here so, when I arrived I already had a plan in mind…using very simple rigs and the E/A (Ethyl Alcohol) based baits I lowered in the left hand margin one of my baited rigs and deposited just five boilies and two small handfuls of the SuperSoft Robin Green pellet, literally on top of the marginal spot. The other rod had similar rigs and bait but was flicked in the margin next to the island with the aforementioned `hollow` that I noticed all that time ago...

Now this lake is very tricky, and with any sound or small vibration the fish are gone!

I sat back to await my son`s appearance with my favourite pasty...

I kept a weather eye on the semi slack line where it enters the water, for this is the best visual indicator and noticed the line very gently `flicking` this being the `hollow` rod...all of sudden I was away! The pool, however, is surrounded by some very tough reeds - if the fish goes in, you`ll have a limp line flapping in the Cornish after a heart stopping fight, a really nice common was netted. After photographing, the fish was quickly off into her watery home. I was happy, but still no sign of my pasty!
Mirror Carp

I didn't expect any more action after this as the pool can be rather moody at times plus, time was ticking along... So I was rather surprised when the previously quiet left hand rod shot off, heading for a bank of tough reeds. Using the soft but powerful rods I have, I turned the angry carp and soon it was nestling in my landing net mesh, a lovely scaled small mirror, which was rare in the pool. I was very happy, and now was feeling satisfied that I`d had my carpy fix. I carefully packed away my minimalistic kit and headed for the car...

Just as I was loading up the kit, my son turned up with my pasty. A fitting end to the three hour short session...

A short drive - one minute later - I was drinking tea in my cottage...good times.

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