There are many seed blends on the market that all seem to be lumped under the generic heading of particle blend. These are seldom if ever put together with anglers in mind but are in most cases are simply blends that are already in existence in the bird feed market, intended for use as cage and aviary bird foods. Red Band Pigeon Conditioner is a perfect example.

As such, no consideration is given to how the seeds will appeal to fish, carp in particular, though in the case of Red Band serendipity leant and hand and quite by chance it turns out that carp adore it!
So what we wanted to do at Haith’s was create a micro seed blend that is purpose-designed for carp fishing, a blend using all the known carp attractors combined in a low cost yet effective, highly nutritional blend.
As a starting point I decided to look at the most popular feeds bought by Haith’s cage and aviary clients in conjunction with those favoured by the fishing community. I felt that somewhere along the line we could create a pretty darn good blend that would contain all the right seeds and cereals for an all round feed for carp, tench, barbel and even chub.
We know that all coarse fish including carp love hempseed so that was a basic starting point. Next on many carp angler’s list of favourites would be groats, so we need a dash of them too. Pearl barley is the purest form of natural barley seed as it has had its hull (the fibrous outer shell) and its bran removed. This leaves a much more refined grain that cooks faster and is easier to digest. Between them the groats and the pearl barley would also provide the necessary gunge so beloved of carp and specimen anglers.
Millets are a group of small-seeded grasses widely grown around the world as a cereal crop for human use and for fodder. There are many types of millet grown but as far as we are concerned as anglers the most important varieties are common millet (also known as panicum millet), red millet and yellow millet. All three have basically the same nutritional properties, though the fat content varies. Where millet is important is as a vitamin and mineral supplier. The millets are rich in B6, folic acid and the nutritionally important niacin.
The millets contain no gluten so we needed to look around for a seed or cereal that would create a nice gungy finished product – you all know how you like a good gunge to your particle blends! – so getting the groats content spot on was important.
Next we had to consider the other popular micro seeds and cereals that carp seem to like, and these include the dari seeds, rapeseed, the other varieties of barley including the malted variety, and other cereals such as wheat and buckwheat.
Finally we needed to address the lack of a fat content to the blend as a whole as seeds and grains are not exactly laden with the stuff. To this end we decided to add some linseed and pure aniseed oil to complete the nutritional profile.
Having got the ingredients to hand we now needed to get the basic recipe right, and in this I was helped enormously by Carl Boyington, Haith’s Production Manager and New Product Designer.
There now commenced a long period of testing, which was in fact more a matter of trial and error rather than any scientific approach. Gradually the recipe was refined and amended until after a lot of trial mixes that we were not totally happy with, we arrived at a product that was good enough to join our angling product list. We have called it Haith’s Micro Complex; we hope you like it!
I am sure you will realise that I cannot give away the exact recipe but let me assure you that the Micro Complex contains all the goodies we carp fishers adore, plus some that may not be quite so familiar to you. Suffice it to say, the blend has got it all!
Preparation is much the same as with other blends of birdfoods, but remember Micro Complex was put together specifically with carp fishing in mind, so care should be taken to get your preparation spot on in order to ensure total safety along with maximum benefit for both the carp and you, the carp angler. Nutrition has always been our watchword and we think this recipe is the best nutritionally balanced blend of carp feeds ever put together.
Preparation and Use of Micro Complex.
This is Micro Complex prior to preparation

This is Micro Complex prior to preparation. A lot of testing took place before we arrived at what we think is the perfect micro particle blend.
soak the bait in COLD water

It is essential to soak the bait in COLD water prior to the rest of the preparation so place the required amount in a pan or two and add cold water. Soak for 24 hours.
seeds start to break down

The reason for doing this is because the seeds start to break down even before they start cooking. You can see the activity that takes place during a simple 24- hour soak by the bubbles coming off the bait.
This is the bait after the 24 hour soak

This is the bait after the 24 hour soak. You can see it is already starting to ooze its gunge.
add boiling water

Now add boiling water to cover the bait and bring to the boil.
simmer for 20 minutes

Turn down the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. During the boil process the blend will take on even more liquid and start to release the sugars in the seeds.
Allow the bait to cool

Allow the bait to cool in the pan in which it has been boiled. When cool you should be able to turn the pan upside down briefly without any bait spilling out. This tells you that the sugar and gluten has all been released and is binding together the prepared bait. It should look like this.
Now the bait is ready to use

Now the bait is ready to use and it will be highly effective just as it is. I find a Spomb to be the most effective way of baiting up with Micro Complex.
add you own personal tweaks

I know how some of you like to add you own personal tweaks so here are a few of my favourites: I adore the new Liquid Robins and I tend to add a dash of one or more.
Liquid Robin Red

Liquid Robin Red has proved deadly during our tests.
enhance the attraction still further.

A dash of LRR and a couple of teaspoons of Green Lipped Mussel Extract with enhance the attraction still further.
I could almost eat it myself!

That looks so good, I could almost eat it myself!
Another way of adding attraction

Another way of adding attraction is to blend together Micro Complex and Robin Red Pellets. There are three varieties to chose from, RR + Fishmeal, RR + Chilli and RR + Garlic (my personal favourite).
Allow the moisture in the prepared bait to penetrate the pellets

Allow the moisture in the prepared bait to penetrate the pellets for a few hours.
use it as it is

You can then either use it as it is, or give it a stir to mix in the pellets, which will have broken down during those few hours.
 Try blending the prepared Micro Complex with SuperRed

I have advised followers of this Blog of this trick before but it is worth mentioning again. Try blending the prepared Micro Complex with SuperRed. Leave for a few minutes while the active ingredients in the SuperRed take up the moisture from the bait and you will find you will be able to form stiff groundbait balls.
These will go for miles

These will go for miles out of a groundbait sling or you can just chuck them into the swim by hand. It’s up to you to use the versatility as you please.
a fish that was caught while testing Micro Complex

Finally here is a fish that was caught while testing Micro Complex, Liquid Robin Red and Robin Red Pellets.