"With this much goodness contained in a trusted, proprietary base mix, why make your own?"

Pro Range

Our PROBASE™ base mixes are the foundations of great bait-making. They contain the goodness bait firms demand from a high-quality base mix; fishmeal, spices, plus our Robin range (Robin Red; Robin Gold; Robin Green) and International favourites, such as Nectarblend, Red Factor and Super Red.

Here's why you should choose Haith's Probase:

All Probases are ready-mixed, pre-ground, and ready to go, and even on their own (without additives) will make an excellent boilie. Of course flavours, oils and attractor packages can be added to make the baits specific to your company.

Our seven Probases are all based on classic bait/bird food additives (we’ve recently added the PROGarlic™ mix which, as the name suggests, is laced with one of the best attractors we know of, garlic. This mix is available with either Robin Red or Robin Green and is a mix with a back note of spice, which carp absolutely love. With this much goodness contained in a trusted, proprietary base mix, why make your own?

Available in 20kg sizes to the [TRADE ONLY]: 
ProChilliProClassicPro Garlic with RGProGarlic RR

The full range of Probase base mixes is now available direct from Haith’s. Choosing Probase gives you access to the Haith's Probase logos meaning bait firms get the best of both worlds: reducing manufacturing and stock building costs and increasing sales in one fell swoop.

For more details on the PROBase™ range, along with nutritional documentation, contact Connor Hopkins (Trade Sales Advisor) at Haith’s Baits on +44 (0)1472 254589 or email connor.hopkins@haiths.com