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Monday, 1st August 2016

I have a soft spot for this base mix as its a full blown Red seed mix and back in the day I used Red seed mixes for about 5 years, using all manor of flavours and attractors with it .

Pro classic

Its a very versatile mix accepting all manor of flavours from fish through to creams, depending on what type of flavour I'm using depends on what extra additives I will use.

My all time favourite flavour was Rod Hutchinson's Ulraspice flavour, but this is no longer available, although I'm lucky in the fact that I have 200ml left in my bait cupboard. But there are a few spice flavours still around, Nutrabaits do 5 different spice flavours as well as a few spice essential oils, Premier Baits have Bun Spice, Milk Spice, Indian spice and curry oil, CCmoores have Indian spice,Superspice,Rod Hutchinson has Megaspice.

For a spicy attractor package I always found it beneficial to add even more spiciness to the base mix with 10% of Spanish Pepper RRR being added.
Spanish Pepper RRR

Here is a spicey attractor package:

450 gms ProClassic

50 gms SpanishPepper RRR

5 gms Summer or Winter Amino Compund from feed stimulants (depending on the time of year)

6ml Nutrabaits UTC TechniSpice
Techni Spice

20 ml Liquid Robin Red and Garlic or Liquid Robin Red and Chilli.
Cls Powder

For a fruity bait CSL powder @ 5% and 10 ml of CSL liquid
Nutrabaits and Stimulants

475 gm ProClassic

25 Gms CSL powder

5 Gms Summer or Winter Amino Compound

2 Gms FruitStim, (feed stimulants)

5 ml Nutrabaits UTC Fruit Special

10 ml CSL liquid

20 ml Liquid Robin Red
Liquid Robin Red

Cream type flavours

When I want to use a cream type flavour Liver powder in Red Seed mix is an instant additive to add in my eyes, much the same with the ProNectar.
CC Moore

475 Gms ProClassic

25 Gms liver powder

5 ml Scopex flavour

4 Drops of Clove Essential oil

10 ml of Solars stimulin Amino or Rod hutchinson Regular Sense Appeal

20 ml Liquid Robin Red
Great Catch

The ProClassic can also be used to mix with other base mixes Mixed 50/50 with the fish Meal range of base mixes that Haiths Baits have on offer to really push the Robin Red signal within those baits the only base mix I would not mix it with is the ProNectar as you would be diluting the Robin Red content.

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"Mr" by
08 Sep 2016

Hi Brian, I've looked at your recommended recipes above. Is the first one regarded as a bird food mix and how many eggs to the ratios given. I've been fishing all my life and used to make my own as a teenager. I am going on my annual trip to France and have had enough of using bait companies and not knowing what's in it! So some info would be really helpful? Kind regards


Haith's customer services:

Hi Chris
Yes this is a birdfood mix if you are after a fishmeal base check out the Robin Red fishmeal,Robin Red chilli ( my personal favorite from the fishmeal range )or for something completely different the Robin Green Garlic.

The ratio is all liquids and base mix is to approximatly 4 Eggs depending on what size eggs you use personally i use tesco value eggs . Altho ssaying that my powdered additives are already mixed into the base mix which is what i do as soon as i get the base mix , This saves weighing out grams of this and grams of that . I Then break the required number of eggs into a bowl (4 for a day session or 9 for a kg of base ) when doing a 9 egg mix i simply double the amount of attractors and liquids , and then scoop the basemix out of a bucket until i get the required consistancy ( on the wetish side ) and then let the paste stand for approximatley 20 or 30 mins . The standing time does 2 things 1 it allows all the liquids to penetrate the powders and 2 stops the paste from drying out whilst rolling .

Hope you have a great time in France and dont forget to put the pictures onto the facebook or twitter pages

If there is anything else i can help you with please donot hessitate to get in touch and ill do my best to help

All the best


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