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Robin Red® random testing begins

Monday, 19th October 2015

Anglers often ask, "How do you (Haith's) know Approved Bait Firms are including genuine Robin Red in their baits?" We reply: because we sell it direct. Anglers re-challenge with: "But that doesn't mean they put it into the bag!" Our solution: random tests. We have complete faith in our trading partners - they represent the elite of the industry - but anglers deserve to fish with the best, and the best is Robin Red. So...

...each month we'll purchase random samples of Robin Red throughout the EU and put them through their paces. We'll be testing the product's odour; appearance; texture; palatability and we'll compare it with the original sample we supplied to the Approved Bait Firm in question. This means anglers can buy Robin Red products from Approved Bait Firms with complete confidence. 

Next week, we'll be testing non-approved bait firms and looking for the Robin Red fakes.


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