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Robin Red

Robin Red® for hookbaits (HB)

Since the 1950s, Haith's Robin Red® has earned its global reputation as a carp-catching legend. To guarantee you're fishing with genuine Robin Red, either buy direct from Haith's or an Approved Robin Red Bait Firm because they're licensed to sell Robin Red products. Always look for the Robin Red logo and unique licence number.

ROBIN RED® (HB) – Hook bait (Lure) MixRobin Red Licence Icon
ROBIN RED® (HB) – Hook bait (Lure) Mix

Anglers and bona fide bait manufacturers can buy Robin Red direct from Haith's Baits; however, we're equally happy for you to buy direct from one of our Approved Robin Red Bait Firms (a list of these can be found on our website by clicking on 'Shop Internationally' situated on the main navigation bar above).

Approved Robin Red Bait Firms have been issued with a Robin Red logo and unique licence number because they've made a written commitment to use sensible inclusion rates of Robin Red when included in a carp fishing bait/hookbait.

Robin Red wasn't first created as a fishing bait - who was fishing for carp in the 1950s? It was created to help bird-keepers get their cage birds through the energy-sapping moult, whilst helping the birds to retain their colour and grow new feathers - a very demanding process. What benefit is this knowledge to anglers? It confirms that Robin Red has been fed safely to birds since the 1950s and fished safely with for many years... it means it's been tested by time.

Over the years the rumour mill has been rife with conjecture; anglers have guessed, speculated, imagined, theorised and hypothesized its composition - its exact ingredients have been speculated over since the inception of carp bait; however, ingredients are only as good as the manufacturer using them and the order and sequence they're introduced to the production process. Indeed the method we use to blend the ingredients to make Robin Red is a closely guarded secret (as much as the number and inclusion percentage of ingredients) - only the chosen few at Haith's get to experience the entire manufacturing process. In other words, if we were to just lump all the ingredients together and switch the blender on the product that would eventually emerge wouldn't be Robin Red because creating a Robin Red mix is like baking a great cake - the order and sequence and timing are ALL critical.

It's been tested across the globe. By many of Europe's leading bait firms. Ask yourself this question: who's tested the Robin Red copies? How safe are they? Would they be safe enough to feed to a delicate canary? Who knows! SO before you consider buying a Robin Red copy, buy direct from Haith's Baits or, choose an Approved Bait Firm - that's our message.

Fish with a legend - time's too precious to fish with anything else.

Please note: Our Robin Red (HB) is not to be used for fish consumption - use for hookbait (lures) only. Use the Robin Red naturals range for bait / groundbait.