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Short day success

Monday, 8th January 2018

Just leading and up to the winter period is one of my favourite times of the year, you see the banks are normally empty of other like-minded anglers and you generally are at one with the elements and nature at its rawest time of the year and I just love it...
Adam Roots Catch
So let's go through a couple of my most recent trips to a local water or two not a million miles away from my home...

When my alarm sounded I quietly pulled back my curtains to check out the weather situation, and almost straight away a rather cheerful cocker spaniel was licking my toe..! This being enough to awaken any bleary minded soul, and coupled with the mist clearing off of the two Tors in the distance was enough to convince me to fish.

Fishing Equipment

As I'm a minimalist insofar I`ll only take exactly what I need for a short session it didn't take long to load up the off-roader, and soon I was off trundling down a quiet backroad onto the lake in question. Now this lake or several lakes are interconnected and are rumoured to be old stock ponds for farmed carp for the `big house` back in the mist of a bygone era, anyway the massive Pugin designed manor soon came into view as I slowly dodged some pheasants on the long laurel fringed driveway up to the `big house`....I carefully parked up and loaded my new carp porter with a minimal three rod set up and off I went, my plan being to literally fish off of the barrow and move around looking for some winter carp...Before I decided where to initially set up I had a good wander round two of the pools, one of which is meant to hold the larger carp, and this was the plan, which lake had the best average size...?

A few days before the trip I began slowly soaking some 15mm shop bought ready made in my favourite Robin Red Liquid, I find this a massive edge as it really seems to boost the attraction qualities of any bait whether homemade with quality ingredients or using some well-made shop bought shelfies, either used with the LRR makes a great winter bait.

I settled on an area of fairly open bank side, planning to fish the opposite marginal area where I had seen some fish moving up and down on my recce earlier on. The third rod positioned just to my right, right next to a dying weed bed which offered good cover for a carp or two...

I like to keep things simple, as carp fishing in its entirety is a straightforward pursuit and need not be overcomplicated by the latest wonder I fished two traps hard on the deck and the other close in next to a weed bed, was a very critically balanced popup...I reckon I put around five glugged LRR freebies around each area as I didn't want to stay in the spot too long if no action was forthcoming... [I didn't need to move as I later found out].....

To me I appreciate carp of all sizes and shapes, and what’s really important to me is the surroundings of where I am angling, there could be some massive fish, let’s say in a bleak, grim soulless place, and it might interest me the slightest, but this place is different, it’s almost the perfect small water with well-kept stretches of grass leading down to the lakes, it was all very `Capability Brown`it ticks my boxes anyway. Oh and did I mention its only ten minutes from my cottage door...!!!!

Liquid Robin Red
I reckon I`d just had my second cuppa when the alarm went off on my alarm, the line tightened and I was most definitely in, after a short tussle with the unseen adversary in a bunch of dead lily pads the culprit was soon in my landing net in the margins having a rest whilst I calmed myself down...

it was indeed a nice low double common perfect to warm an angler up on a cold winters day. A quick photo and off it went back to cruising that far margin with his mates....during the day this was repeated a few more times, and so there was no need to move around searching for a bite, I`d been lucky. The wildlife was amazing on that trip I saw a kingfisher, Buzzards and heard owls, during the day as well.

Carp Catch
Soon the day was coming to close, and I was to be home to spend the evening with my family, rightly so as indeed it was Christmas Eve.

I have to say that the warm glow of a fruitful short session in the colder months soon warms the cockles of the heart, a nice Christmas present indeed.

Enjoy the countryside and your fishing,.......and don't pick up ladders.....!
by Adam Roots.

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