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SuperRed and groats attract large numbers of carp

Tuesday, 8th May 2012

This month I want to show you a very simple way of attracting large numbers of carp into your swim in the shortest time possible, all thanks to the pulling power of SuperRed, Groats and a dash of flavour and sweetener.
Neat SuperRed

First you will need some neat SuperRed. This is used mainly because it is chock full of attraction with its myriad of ingredients every one a proven carp attractor.

Super Red

You will also need some oat groats, another proven carp puller par excellence that many angler, myself included, rate as highly as hempseed in terms of attraction.

some flavour and your preferred sweetener

Finally you will need some flavour and your preferred sweetener. Here I am using Nutrabaits’ Sweet Cajouser and Cream Cajouser, a sublime combination that will have you (to say nothing of the carp) drooling!
Pour on boiling water

Place the required amount of goats in a bucket and add 5ml per kilo (dry weight) of both the flavour and the sweetener. Pour on boiling water to just cover the groats, and stir well so as to mix in the attraction as thoroughly as possible.
Leave the goats to steep

Leave the goats to steep until the hot water has gone cold. You will note that they will have taken up a lot of the attraction-laced water and swollen up slightly.
Add an egg or two

Add an egg or two (depending on how dense you want the finished product to be.
Mix with a fork

Mix the egg(s) in with a fork.
Now add the SuperRed

Now add the SuperRed a bit at a time until you have a wet sloppy mix. If you leave this for 20 minutes or so you will find it stiffens up considerably.
add more SuperRed

Continue to add more SuperRed until you reach the required consistency. In my case I prefer to create a fairly dense mix that will bind together easily when compressed by my hands.
start forming the blend into groundbait balls

After rubbing a little sesame seed oil into the palms of you hands, start forming the blend into groundbait balls, say the size of a tennis ball. The choice is not all yours. You can fire the groundbait balls out with a catapult, of – my preferred method – use a Groundbait Blaster such as the one shown in the photo from Atomic Tackle.

However, it doesn’t stop there…Try baiting the margins liberally with the blend using a Groundbaiter spoon to introduce the mix. Or why not mould some around a Method feeder?

All in all this is one darn good combination that will have the carp (and tench and barbel for that matter) crawling up the rods!

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