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The battle to stamp out Robin Red fakes moves up a gear

Monday, 18th March 2013

Haith’s continues to deliver its promise - to make buying the genuine ROBIN RED® easier for European anglers - by enlisting the help of French bait giants, Starbaits®, to help clear up the EU Mainland retail supply with a new and easily recognisable 1kg, full colour bag.
Haith’s will continue to supply ROBIN RED direct to bait firms who include it at reasonable levels in their baits and has recently strengthened its SuperCatch range of high quality bait ingredients to help bait manufacturers improve, create and innovate with its high quality, trusted ingredients.

Haith’s remains committed to its bait making customers and this new relationship with Starbaits® doesn’t interfere with any existing agreements with its customers to include ROBIN RED® in their baits.

However, Haith’s will be encouraging retail shops in EU Mainland Countries to stock the new Haith’s® and Starbaits® branded bag to help wipe out counterfeit products and eliminate dilution of its trusted brand.

Anglers have to have access to the genuine ROBIN RED to be able to identify fakes on the market,” says Haith’s. “And anglers need to see the colour and texture of the real ROBIN RED to take an educated guess at how much ROBIN RED® is included in a boilie recipe. We want bait firms to make great baits with ROBIN RED®, but it’s in all of our interests to stamp out counterfeit goods.
Robin Red License

Our Approved Bait Firms have signed up to terms and conditions and many of them are in receipt of the NEW ROBIN RED LOGO/LICENCE, but this shouldn’t stop anglers from asking how much Robin Red® is contained in bait. “You’ll find these firms won’t hide what they do; they’re proud of their work – they’re experts, and we’re pleased to be associated with them,” explains Haith’s. 

Contact Starbaits direct via for more details.

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