Haith’s is the name behind and the manufacturer of one of carp fishing’s most effective attractors, ROBIN RED®.

Robin Red is a superb attractor and is also a nutritional food ingredient. Its unique smell and taste have tempted literally thousands of carp since the 50s. There is only one genuine, authentic and original Robin Red and that comes from Haith's Baits. Beware of any look-alike that claims to be Robin Red and feel free to contact us to verify “approved stockists” of the red stuff.

Virtually every bait firm, large and small, includes Robin Red in at least one if its proprietary boiled bait mixes. We feature it in many of our bait ingredients too. The success of these types of base mix has been astonishing, and Robin Red base mixes are certainly among the best bird food baits you may ever find. The smell and taste of Robin Red is totally unique - it has incredible pulling power. The fresh and peppery smell is one of the best ways to quickly identify the original from a fake. The very best way, however, to avoid buying fake goods is to either buy direct from Haith’s Baits online or via one of its “approved stockists” which can be found online.
We’ve been working with bait companies to encourage them to be more transparent when it comes to claiming Robin Red is in their carp bait. Look for the exclusive Robin Red logo and licence number, here’s ours:
The other way to tell the difference is results! Nobody wants to spend a day fishing with fake goods, do they? Robin Red has a proven record of performance – it’s as attractive to carp today as the first day it was used in the 50s. So accept no pale imitations; there is only ONE ROBIN RED®