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The new Robins on test

Wednesday, 8th August 2018

It was great to hear from Simon the main man at Haiths, and almost at the same time from the amazing bait brain that is Ken Townley, both asking similar things, and those being, would I be interested in testing some special upgrades to their already existent range of ready to roll base mixes. Although on this occasion the bait was to be made for me in the form of 15 mm boilies and rolled by the highly respected Rollin baits.
Of course, I was more than delighted and almost immediately set about formulating a plan, it seems I always have something bubbling away in the back of my angling brain, and it takes something like this to kick start it. 
Years and years ago I was very privileged to find, fish and come to love a lovely little wildie water on a family dairy farm, I think I am honest in saying I fished it for over thirty years, anyway, time and tide and all that, the owners at the time turned a three-acre sheep field, from a barren boggy wilderness into a now stunning looking mature lake now a death in the family and other things meant the lakes were forever shut to the public, but remember I had angled there for many years and still remained friends with the elderly owner. This was the place to give some of the new baits a whizz. 
It was with great anticipation I set my alarm clock for four AM, planning to be at the lake at the crack of dawn. I didn't stop for breakfast or a cuppa, just carefully lifted my poterlite carp barrow into the back of my Honda and away I went. I marvelled at the beauty of the Cornish countryside at that early hour, thankfully there was little traffic on the road...and so around twenty minutes later I arrived at my one-time favourite lake. Although the original wildie water is now owned by a wealthy person from away and wanted to keep the locals out. I was so lucky that the original owners still owned the three-acre former syndicate lake and I was now very fortunate to still be able to fish there.
With the former thoughts in mind, I carefully sorted out my kit and carted my increasingly modified minimalistic set up to the water's edge. As I began to set up I noticed not one but three kingfishers speeding along on the far side of the pool. It was at that moment I knew I was in for a good day and I was correct.
Part of the package I was sent was Prochili and as mentioned these were already made for me, all I had to do was put the baits in the correct spots and see what would transpire. I'm not being cocky or anything but I REALLY know this lake probably as well as anyone, so location was not really an issue. On the surface were the golden shapes of two of the remaining ghosties, one was dark and the other slightly lighter. I noted this and thought I shall have my pic with one of you two, lol.
Prochili catch 1

Prochili catch 2

It wasn't long before a tremendous amount of bubbling could be seen where I had baited the margins with the Prochili. I also knew I wouldn`t have to wait too long for a run....and so it was, not long after my Delkim shouted at me and I was in. After a very spirited fight a low double mirror was netted, during the fight, I also noted the tremendous amount of dispersed, or displaced bubbling caused by the hooked there was plenty of fish on those Prochili baits.
Bubbled water
During the day the weather got hotter and hotter, but I was ok under the canopy of the trees as the sun had moved across the lake and eventually I was completely shaded. However, it was so hot it caused some heat damage to two of my rods blanks by softening the varnish and later on a blister formed, it was very hot indeed.
Prochili catch 3
During that long day session, I had twelve carp from my former favourite lake, including one of the ghosties I talked of and albeit the smaller of the two. In fact, it used to be way over twenty pounds a long time ago, but now relied on available food in the lake and was lucky to be alive after being bitten by an otter on few occasions. I could tell the regeneration was in evidence.
I returned home, pleased as I was confident in the effectiveness of the new bait.

Robin Green HB
In the package was some Robin Green boilies, now I've done really well in the past on various versions of 'The Green's' as I call it, so I was expecting some good things from these baits. But the question was where to go? For me, the answer was easy a large windswept and sometimes a downright unpleasant venue as there is no cover for the angler. But it held some nice fish, it`s all marginal in angling terms, or I should say I fish the margins and prosper from that...I was angling for just the one night only and really if I am honest I would be happy with the chance of just a single fish. That's exactly what I managed on this short trip, a nice deep bodied mirror from a marginal spot on `The Green's`. I just under-armed the rig out and peppered the area with around sixty freebies, nothing complicated just simple and hopefully, as I proved it effective...on purpose, I left my Supernut ground baiting edge, at home in the bait bucket. As really, I just wanted to check the actual effectiveness of the boiled baits.
Robin Green catch
My confidence further enhanced by the effectiveness of the previously mentioned baits. Where else could I try that I hadn't been before...?  I still had two more of the new versions of the 'Robins' to test out, so I put my thinking cap on, literally. Then it came to me, last year when I was ill, I couldn`t fish properly but I still got out and `lake hunted` and found this lovely intimate small water over the border. Okay, it wasn't in Kernow but I could deal with that lol...Anyway, I eventually found the owners number of this very quiet fishery and arranged a Twenty-four-hour session. I was excited because what I had previously noted on the surface from my recent trip would make any carp angler worth his salt, quicken the pulse.
I reckon it took over an hour to get used to this new lake. I should also mention I also stopped off at another promising venue en route, as I had been given a heads up a while ago and this looked good for a future visit, I digress. On arrival, I acquainted myself with the owner and enjoyed a nice chat about country life and paid up. I carefully drove down to the lake, it was times like this I`m really glad of my bugged out four by four, it's a massive angling edge in the countryside. After loading up the gear and getting to the intimate lake I did my ritual of circuiting the lake for any signs of fish, on this occasion, there was nothing to go on at all, so I'd remembered what the great Rod Hutchinson said about a new water. It went along the lines of fish halfway and something else I couldn`t remember, but that's what I did. I set up exactly in the middle of the lake offering me good potential ambush points. On this trip I brought along the new version of the `Robin Red’ base mix..., now I just know that this was the bait to use on this new water.

Robin Red HB
This lake is long and quite narrow and the far margins for at least two of my rods or traps as I call it is the best possible choice of a fish or two. My third rod was all the way down into the shallows and not far from a dangerous looking fallen tree snag...all the traps were baited with the new Robin Red mix and all on similar simple bottom bait rigs. I was confident, on the bank I'm always in this state of mind, or there is no point in being there. However, time slipped by, I sorted out my minimal tackle pouch and made a nice curry on the awesome Trangia. Drank some tea, did some more eating, even tightened up the slack on my bed chair mattress, it was slow in angling terms, I reproached myself and that reminded me, that it was a new water and keep confident as always.
Robin red Equipment

Robin red set up

At dusk it happened, the `snag rod` was off and in a trice, I was playing a powerful adversary, I was praying it wouldn't fall off. After a long battle in the close margins, I netted a lovely powerful common with just a bit of ghostie heritage in its makeup, I was happy. I`d kept the faith and the baits had worked for me yet again...a quick selfie of the fish and back she went. After this It really kicked off, in total I had four nice fish as you can see in the it does pay to keep your state of mind, strong in angling terms, especially when the bait is concerned... you have to have confidence in your bait...
Robin Red Dusk Catch
Robin Red Catch 2
I really enjoyed that trip on the new water, especially when you have had some degree of success. I think I might go there again, if I do, `Robin Red’ shall be going too!

Robin Orange HB
As the weather has been so hot and sometimes very unpleasant as for sure we are British and we only do wind and rain in general. I didn't angle as much in this time, however a reminder that I still had a load of `Robin Orange` base mix boilies to try out and I thought I should take them to my beautiful intimate water. A water I know better than any other, now I also knew that she wasn’t fishing that great lately but there are loads of places to hide out. Plus, the available natural food this year amongst the pads made getting a take tricky, not impossible, but tricky as I got myself ready for an overnight adventure on this loveliest of places and took the `Robin Orange’ along for the ride. Now, this pool looks easy, a doddle... no… you see the whole lake is as natural as it can be lots of marginal snags, lily pads, you name it. Now the fish are mine and I don't want to damage them so for this trip I fished open water, see if you angle against a feature you`ll not get them out they are that powerful. Probably due to the Trewen wildie heritage running through their powerful scaly open water fishing, near, close in marginal stuff was the order of the night!
Robin Orange

Robin Orange Set up
Really, I needed to find out if the `Robin Orange` appealed to the inhabitants away from the sanctuary of the snags in unfamiliar territory shall we say and that's what I did. I baited similar to the new lake trip but really close in, I undertook no prebaiting at all and I could have easily have done so, but my thinking was, let's see how the carp respond...
As it was by now very hot again, I planned to undertake some otter fencing repairs, damage caused by a rogue bovine and when it cooled down I drove the Honda up to the lake, passed my gear through the gate and angle. After sweating for a while, I had repaired a whole section of fence, all I wanted was a nice `Rattlers` and some food and get I quickly set up my kit and fished close in. All three rods near to each other, slack lines, fifty baits each.
It was so hot during the night I just slept in my T-shirt and shorts, far too hot for even a quality Haiths T-shirt to be donned.... anyway, during the night which remained uneventful until around four AM, when all hell let loose. I had seven chances in quick succession, with five feral torpedo carp banked, I was pretty impressed with how the bait had performed close in. A real feeding window had occurred, then it all went quietly with plenty of fizzing over the baited areas, the carp had cleared off in numbers as the sun had risen over the valley and this was my cue to leave and I did so as I wanted to keep the varnish intact on my rods lol.
I have caught very well on all four of the new `Robin`s` and would be confident to use them in most of my general angling...however, for some reason the `Prochili` version worked best for ME. Why not try some of the base mixes out and see what one suits you, or style of carping...they are all very good baits.
Remember to enjoy your fishing, the countryside and leave no trace...


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