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Bait Manufacturers are encouraged to open a trade account to benefit from:

- Trade prices
- Free samples
- A free “Approved Bait Firm” listing and link to your website
- A dedicated International Trade Advisor
- Use of exclusive Robin Red logo and licence
- Use of Haith’s logos (exc. Haith’s logo)
The Best bird food baits

Our trade customers are predominantly European fishing bait manufacturers; companies looking to improve their range of fishing baits, by including a brand (Haith’s) trusted by European anglers. Our bird food bait ingredients are prepared to the highest of standards and each batch is traceable and subject to rigorous quality control (QC).
An example of how we support Approved Bait Firms (The Big One - Farnborough 2017): 

If you represent a fishing bait firm that’s committed to including high-quality ingredients in its baits, we’d like to hear from you and we invite you to get in contact with us today.

Opening a Trade Account could dramatically improve your business; here are some of the exciting recent additions to our range of carp bait ingredients:

NEW Haith’s CLO

Haith's CLO

Benefit from our publicity

Over the past ten years, we’ve launched a number of new and exciting bait ingredients which have caught the attention of anglers and the media. We are renowned for quality and our good publicity can help your baits reach new markets.
Carp trade 2014

About Haith’s Fishing Bait Ingredients

During the 1960s, when modern boiled baits were being developed in the UK, the first specialised carp fishing bait base mixes were formed using Haith’s bird food ingredients intended for feeding to cage and aviary birds. These ultimately came to be known as “bird food baits” and - though time has passed - they remain one of the most popular carp fishing baits in current use across the EU.

Bird food baits have the twin advantages of being comparatively cheap and yet highly digestible; therefore, they are very attractive to carp, which makes them a good commercial investment.

Our most famous carp attractor is Robin Red and its unique properties have tempted literally thousands of carp over the years. It has stood the test of time, and that’s a rare ingredient in modern-day carp fishing. The only genuine Robin's come from Haith’s.

More to Haith's than Robin Red

Robin Red UK/EU

But there’s so much more to Haith’s than just Robin Red - our tried and tested range of bird food baits includes legendary products such as Nectarblend™, Ready Mix™, PTX™, Red Band® Pigeon Conditioner, SBF™ Mix and Prosecto Insectivorous™ all waiting to add value to your base mixes. All our bird food baits are made fresh, daily on the premises and we guarantee our product continuity is market-leading.

The Haith’s bird food centre is where we research and develop the EU’s most comprehensive range of bird food bait ingredients for carp fishing. Our purpose-built factory, with integrated offices, has created quality research space and allowed us to modernise our machinery so that we now have market-leading, hygienic plant.

We specialise in high-quality ingredients and we add unparalleled variety to our bird food baits because we know how important it is to consider acceptability and palatability, and to ensure ingredients are as varied as possible.

Virtually all of our range can be used as boiled baits (boilie ingredients), although some may need to be ground down to a fine powder first. Some of the best-boiled baits ever conceived comprise a considerable number of our bird foods – indeed many of the top bait firms in the EU use our ingredients to enhance their base mixes, the most popular being Robin Red,

Good quality baits


We are located at Europarc, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire (the East Coast of Britain) on the south side of the Humber Estuary, directly beneath the city of Hull, which means we are ideally located to ship goods quickly, throughout the EU.

Reliable Stockholding
Reliable stock holding

Reliable Deliveries

We’ve formed strong relationships with international carriers who deliver around the globe. It’s likely we can save you money on carriage charges; however, we’re happy to work with your carrier too.

Customer Service Charter

- A direct 'phone line: +44 (0)1472 254 589
- We won’t promise what we can’t deliver
- We listen to what customers have to say
- We deal with queries quickly
- We will be helpful at all times
- We will go that extra mile to help

If you represent a fishing bait firm that’s committed to including high-quality ingredients in its baits, we’d like to hear from you and we invite you to get in contact with us today.

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