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Turning Supernut ground bait into boilies

Tuesday, 19th December 2017

Carrying on with my tests of the supernut ground bait turned into boilies. I’ll recount on my last session where I actually caught something, I had left work at 3 pm on the Friday and had already planned the trip the night before.
The lake is only about 20 minute drive so my plan was to arrive at the lake at 3:30 have a look round and be fishing by 3:45 as you can only fish 1 bank and that bank has 5 swims spread along it. However things did not turn out that way as I got stuck at the railway crossing and it took 45 minutes for the trains to clear. Whilst I was sat at the crossing my mind was on where I should fish I know it’s not the done thing making your mind up on route but with the gates closed its all I could think about and had already made my mind up as to which swim I would fish I had chosen the middle swim that looks over a lot of the water. When I was all set up the first thing I done was deposit 10 large spods of spod mix into an area where I had had a few fish from in the previous weeks mix was a blend of equal parts of Hemp Red Band Groats and Tares individually all great mini particles but added together gives you a totally different mix to everybody else.

Whole Hempseed

Red Band
Bait Mixture

Hookbaits for this session was on rod 1 a sticky baits signature pop up fished on a 360 rig. On rod 2 was a super nut boilie tipped with a piece of orange fake corn and on rod 3 was a double 12x 16 barrel supernut boilie for this session I had also added a fruit flavor combination consisting of Nutrabaits fruit special and fruit cajouser as I’m still in the experimental stage of this mix I decided not to add anything else.
As it had been a long day I decided to retire to the bivvy and my bed early so at around 8:30 pm I got my head down. It felt like I had only just drifted off to sleep when I had the first take this being a small common of 12 lb. Falling for the boilie/fake corn rod adding 5 more spombs of bait after the fish. Checking the time when I got back to the bivvy it was 1:45 am, climbing back into the bag feeling very pleased with myself I drifted off into a deep sleep only to be woken again by a 1 toner on the alarm at 4:00 am this time a 15lb mirror was the culprit of interrupting my dreams falling to the double barrel rod 5 more spomds of particle mix deposited in the catching area saw me once again climbing into the bag and not waking until 8:30.
I had a recast of the 2 rods that had received the action as I was not 100% sure that they had landed in the correct spots I wanted and a further 5 spombs of the particle mix and 4 spombs of barrels were placed in the area the rest of the day was spent scanning the water drinking coffee and eating food. A few times I saw fish crashing out next to an overhanging tree on the far bank and was itching to cast a bait to it BUT it would of put a line right through my baited spots so decided against it. I was getting the odd bleep from my alarms and put this down to the Rudd that inhabit the lake of which there are thousands of hence my use of a lot of the particle mix with them being small seeds they are easily cleaned up by the small fish, at 3:45 pm I was thinking of what to have for my evening meal when out of nowhere came a single toner on my alarm and the rod bouncing, the way it was going I was thinking more catfish than carp. The fight was long and hard and a couple of times even managed to get into the reeds to my left on netting the fish there in the bottom of my net laid a beautiful common hoisting it up on the scales revealed a weight of 20lb 8oz.
Brian's Catch
And so far my best fish on the supernut boilies
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