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Two-pound roach or twenty-pound carp...!!

Tuesday, 16th October 2018

The title above seems a strange choice for a fishing blog doesn't it, especially an angling bait-based piece, but read on and you`ll see what I am driving at...
From a young age, as far as angling was concerned I was taught that fishing, course fishing, in particular, is a great leveller, and everything that is involved is relative how true that saying is, especially to me as recently I reminded myself that I`d actually been involved in angling since I was around five years of age, a very long time ago. Anyway, having said the above...what would you rather catch and land? Maybe a big carp, or even a two pound plus crucian carp, a big bream or tench, neither fish mentioned is superior to the other, they all have equal and virtuous merit, especially if they are angled for in the right circumstances and frame of mind, i.e. big roach caught by accident on carp gear, just for example...not an unwelcome capture at all, but not the same as fishing for them in earnest, on purpose...and succeeding.
Remember I said angling covers all spectrums and walks of life, however to me your either an angler, or someone who just goes fishing, neither is better or worse than each’s something that you have to work out for yourself...!
I have a friend who has been an angler, just like me all his life...but this friend is a little different to many others in today's angling world, you see he is what is termed a `traditionalist angler’ in so much he makes much of his own tackle, floats for example [which are fantastic creations],uses old centrepin reels and cane rods that have a permanent set in them, a bend, for the uninitiated, a creel and various handmade fishing tackle items, he is proudly old, old school, but you won't hear him demonising modern tackle or its ethos...anyway it's his dream to catch a roach by design over two pounds, a lifelong ambition you could say.

Old friend 1

Adam's friend 2
I recently heard from my friend Mark, along the lines of let's go roaching, I readily agreed and responded to his email straight away. The thing was where to go? after a think, it was agreed to fish the lake belonging to another acquaintance we have, and containing a few two pounds plus roach, including a rumour of a genuine still water `three’. We contacted the lake owner who told us he was away on holiday for a while, our hearts sank at this point, but rode up again as he said you can have the lake to yourself, just enjoy. So, we both thanked him and arranged to meet the very next weekend. 
Now, the lake or lakes as there a more than one also contains some stunning virtually unfished for carp, many over twenty pounds and above, but today these were pushed away from my thoughts, it was the chance of a big silver that occupied my excitement.
Part of the ethos of `traditionalism ‘is the bringing of a small token on each trip or at least it is for us, in my case I received a lovely homemade lemon drizzle cake, I can't tell you how nice this tasted, and I gave Mark a nice pasty......from Barnecutts...!!!
Lemon Cake
Back to the fishing, I settled just along from Mark, who has chosen a productive corner swim noted for roach, as indeed myself I had some decent fish in that swim in the past...From the off [both float fishing], we both caught steadily, a nice stream of tench, crucian carp,  bream, small roach and perch all on a variety of baits, mainly using small `torn prawn` on size 12 hook, in my case which came to our nets. As the day marched onwards, sport slowed a little, but I had an ace up my sleeve, and that ace was the remnants of my last lot of Haiths Supernut ground bait, although to this I added sweetcorn, ripped prawns and a little hemp seed I had, basically I used up what was left in my bait freezer, well the bottom freezer compartment lol I normally make my Supernut quite firm in texture, but this time it was going to be introduced `sloppy style ‘like a thick gloopy soup shall we say.

As I mentioned the Supernut, in super sloppy form was introduced by hand over the top of this reed float id just bought from Ian Lewis, a lovely creation indeed too, nice to fish with really...not long after this the float disappeared once again and my 13ft float rod hooped over into a lovely crucian carp, I`d say well over the two pounds mark, but I didn't weigh it, I just wanted to get that float back amongst the by now fizzing and bubbling that had appeared since the ground bait was introduced...all I can say was, at this time I turned into some sort of metronome, bite, fish on cast..!!, lots of crucians, Tench to around or over four pounds bream, and small perch, including some amazing looking golden rudd....all lovely fish and brilliant sport indeed........then as so often it happens ,the float slowly dipped ,a gentle strike and straightaway I could tell this was a bigger fish as the fight was epic,.....then I saw what I`d hooked, as It neared the net, a true monster roach, my knees did go into `jelly mode`....`please stay on I said to myself`........well, land it I did.

Super nut
I called Mark and he calmly photographed the great roach for me in my shaking hands...after I returned the huge silver bar, I was congratulated and a handshake was this time the day was ending, I had to get back to check otter fencing and Mark had a long drive ahead.
Adam's Roach catch
Roach in net

What a brilliant day in good company, two-pound roach, or Twenty-pound carp, it is all relative ...make your own goals...and path.
Catch 2

Enjoy the countryside and your fishing. [I forgot to add, in the photos you will notice some red berries off of the bush near me, these were brilliant for the crucians...give em a go at the right time of year]
By Adam Roots.............and Sam, this one is for you...!

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