Our Approved Bait Firms* are amongst Europe's elite boilie manufacturers, and they lead the world of carp fishing. They all purchase our fresh ingredients and have made a firm commitment to choose Haith's genuine bait ingredients.

So... if you're looking to buy a ready-made boilie, and you want Haith's genuine ingredients to feature in it, select from some of the best boilie manufacturers on the planet...

CC More logo Robin red LicenceCC Moore Robin Gold Licence
CC Moore & Co Ltd - www.ccmoore.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR4107321113UK - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG6406272215UK

Dynamite baits logoDynamite Baits Robin red Licence
Dynamite Baits - www.dynamitebaits.com 
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5014730113UK

Nash BaitNash Tackle Robin Red Licence
Nash Tackle - www.nashtackle.co.uk/products/view/old-skool-boilies-stabilised#product_options
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3792929113UK

Donald Cooke LogoDonald Cooke Robin Red LicenceRobin GoldRobin Orange LicenceRobin Green Licence
Donald Cook -
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2911823115UK - Robin Gold® Licence No:
Robin Orange® Licence No: RO0066240317UK - Robin Green® Licence No: RGR067240317UK

Spottedfin Logo   Spottedfin CLO LogoRobin Red licence
Spotted Fin Ltd - https://spottedfin.com/product/robin-red/ - https://spottedfin.com/product/haiths-clo-cod-liver-oil/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2530018416UK

Nutrabaits Logo Nutrabaits Robin Red Licence
Nutrabaits - www.nutrabaits.net 
Robin Red® Licence No: RR6719801212UK

Key Baitsolutions - https://www.facebook.com/keybaitsolutions/

Mistral Baits Mistral Baits Robin Red Licence
Mistral Baits Ltd - www.mistralbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR4453826314UK

Sticky Baits Logo  Sticky Baits Robin Red Licence
Sticky Baits - www.stickybaits.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0174020320UK

Premier BaitsPremier Baits Robin Red Logo
Premier Baits Retail - www.premierbaits.net
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2877823115UK

Essential Baits Logo  Essential products robin red licence
Essential Baits - www.essentialbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0175020320UK

Ourons Logo Robin Red Licence
Ourons Baits - www.ourons.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0146250119UK

Karper Ltd Logo Karper Ltd Robin Red Licence
Karper Ltd - www.karper.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0105200917UK

DT Baits Robin Red Licence
D T Baits - http://www.dtbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0052220217UK

The tackle shop logo 1 The tackle shop logo 2 The tackle shop robin red licence The Tackle Shop Robin Orange Licence
The Tackle Shop Company - thetackleshop.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0150270219UK
Robin Orange® Licence No: RO0155090919UK

Innovate Baits Logo Innovate Baits Red Licence
Innovate Baits Ltd - www.innovatebaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5439821113UK

Orion Carp BaitsOrion carp bait Robin Red License
Orion Carp Baits - orioncarpbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0096200717UK

Grenville Lake  grenville lake robin licence
Grenville Lake - http://www.grenvillelake.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0176020320UK

Big Carp
Big Carp Ltd - www.bigcarp.com

Evolved Baits Manshack Robin Red Licence
Manshack Ltd - evolvedbaits.com/products/haiths-robin-red
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0142071218UK

Spa Baits Logo Spa Baits Robin Red Licence
Spa Baits - www.spabaits.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0074040417UK

Carp on Baits LogoCarp on Baits Robin red License
Carp On Baits - www.carponbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0050210217UK

Coventry Bait Rolling services Coventry Bait Rolling services Robin Red LicnceCoventry Baits Robin Gold Licence
Coventry Bait Rolling Service - www.coventrybaitrollingservice.co.uk/

Rollin Baits Logo
Rollin Baits - www.rollinbaits.net

Boss Baits BossBaits Robin Red Logo
Boss Baits - https://www.facebook.com/cotswoldbossbaits/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0051210217UK

Burton Bait Rollers Logo  Burton bait rollers Robin red licence
Burton Bait Rollers - 
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0173020320UK

Upstream Baits Robin Red Licence
Upstream Baits - www.upstreambaits.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0064150317UK

Proper Carp BaitsRobin red Licence
Proper Car Baits - www.propercarpbaits.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0073310317UK

Dave Mallin Product
Dave Mallin Products LTD - www.davemallinproducts.com/

Elite Baits
Elite Baits - www.elitebaitsdirect.co.uk

Tails Up Bait Tails up Robin Licence
Tails Up Baits Limited - www.tailsup.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0116090318UK

Galaxy Baits logo
Galaxy Baits LTD - galaxybaits.com

Bandit Baits
Bandit Baits - www.banditbaits.co.uk/mixes

Carp Company  Carp company robin licence
Carp Company - www.carpcompany.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5104615413UK

Monster baits Robin red licence
Monster Baits - www.monster-baits.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0137230818UK

Bank Bug Logo Bank Bug Robin Red Licence
Signature Creative Solutions Ltd - Bank BUG
Robin Red® Licence No: RR7641725115UK

BAF Logo BAF Robin Red License
British Aqua Feeds - britishaquafeeds.com/product/robin-red/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR1937511216UK

Retro Baits logo  Retro baits Robin Red Licence Retro baits robin gold licence
Retro Baits - https://www.retrobaits.net/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0171270220UK
Robin Gold® Licence No: RG0172270220UK