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What is the difference between Micro Complex and Carpticle?

Tuesday, 10th May 2016

Since we released Micro Complex we have had a few questions along the lines of: "What is the difference between Micro Complex and Carpticle?"
Basically the thinking behind the development of the Micro Complex is explained in blog 'Towards a Better Micro Seed Blend'.
Not much difference at first sight but Micro Complex on the left has a greater Gloop Factor!

To put it in a nutshell I wanted to create a micro seed blend that was specifically aimed at carp, tench and barbel, and that meant giving it a 'Gloop Factor' Basically I based Micro Complex on Carpticle but played around with the recipe to achieve the necessary 'gloopiness'. (NB Gloopiness and Gloop Factor, are technical terms much used and loved by the team at Haith's Baits!)

Just a picture

Obviously I cannot give the whole recipe away but as you can see from the photo Micro Complex contains a higher proportion of oat groats, pinhead oatmeal and pearl barley. These are tried and tested carp baits known for the stickiness that oozes out of them when they are prepared correctly.


Pinhead Oatmeal

Nice forty caught while field testing Micro Complex at Le Queroy

Give 'em a try...I did and this was one of the fish I caught from le Queroy during winter testing of the Micro Complex.

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