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What's in your fishing pellets?

Wednesday, 11th May 2016

In this day and age when the world and his wife is chucking all sorts of pellets at the specialist angling market, one has to ask...
What is actually in them? Many so-called 'specialist' pellets are simply standard trout pellets over-sprayed with a bait company's flavour of the moment. These then attract a great big price increase over standard trouties!
Ingredients listed on the bag.
Robin Orange and Smoked Paprika SuperSoft Pellets have brought many anglers great success

So it is nice to see a company that is prepared to put details of what is in their pellets. For instance, take a look at the ingredients listed on a bulk bag of Robin Orange and Smoked Paprika SuperSoft Pellets from Haith's Baits. Wouldn't it be great if every bait company was as open as this!
Nice common landed with the help of SuperSoft Pellets.

I was very closely involved in the development and testing of the whole range of SuperSoft Pellets so I knew full well what went in them, but even so I was amazed at the success they brought me on many different waters both at home and abroad. Why not try them for yourself?

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