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Haith's Covid-19 Survey

Tuesday, 14th July 2020

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"Such Joys" by
30 Jul 2020

I've had a greater variety of birds coming to my garden feeders this year and I just love watching them feeding their babies and interacting with one another. Never fails to make me feel glad to be alive.

"Mrs" by
24 Jul 2020

I loved how during lockdown we could actually hear the birds! It was wonderful hearing them and seeing them fluttering about more than usual. Really gave me something to smile about.

"Mrs" by
24 Jul 2020

Yes we enjoyed feeding and watching the birds

"Sparrows!" by
21 Jul 2020

People ask 'Where have all the sparrows gone?' the answer is 'They are all in my garden!'

"Mad For Suet" by
21 Jul 2020

I had many birds nesting in my garden during lockdown. They all had one thing in common. They all went crazy for suet. Suet pellets, suet coconuts, suet blocks and fat balls. It was the parents favourite food to feed their babies with. It was a huge pleasure to watch during lockdown.

"Mr" by
21 Jul 2020

Our nest box House Sparrows are on their 3rd brood. I have watched the very busy parents all through lockdown. Highlight has to go to the Starling parents who fed their 10 young from the feeders for 4 days running - very noisy, but wonderful to watch.

" Comment" by
17 Jul 2020

Watching my feathered friends partaking of my ' Splosh n' Nosh' service still on throughout Lockdown on my first floor terrace has helped keep my spirits up!

" Comment" by
16 Jul 2020

I found it very relaxing watching the birds in thegarden

" Comment" by
16 Jul 2020

There seemed to be ,more birds at the feeders this year!

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