Haiths Mission 'R'

We have reduced the number of plastic woven sacks used

More orders being delivered in paper sacks

We have introduced our online brochure to reduce the number of printed paper catalogues

We actively encourage customers to re-use woven sacks

We re-use good quality cardboard boxes

We’ve introduced a Jute bag for life to our range of products

Any paper and plastics are separated in to bins and recycled

The raw materials that are not needed go to a local recycling plant to be recycled

Labels are taken off our shrink wrap, which is then all recycled
Why Mission 'R'?

We’re doing this because, it’s better for Britain’s wildlife. Our birding community wants to know that it's supporting a company that truly cares about birds and the environment. One that doesn't pay lip-service by printing a huge corporate document that’s unlikely to be read, and then not acting on it – we think action speaks louder than words. We think the environment and the birds are now safer with Haith’s

Spring Robin