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Haith's new bird food catalogue sees "Help to Fly!" range extended

Monday, 26th October 2015

Read this blog to discover new products which have been added to our "Help to Fly!" range.
Haith's commitment to help enthusiasts feed more birds for less continues - this season sees the introduction of more "Help to Fly!" products to the project namely peanuts, two high-quality seasonal specials and a complete bird feeding station...

Haith's takes a refreshing approach when it comes to making their ingredients more affordable to garden birders: they contribute towards their cost. Earlier this year (2015), they launched their innovative "Help to Fly!" scheme and paid half towards the cost of a nest box. I'm told that hundreds of their community members took up the offer and sited over ten times more nest boxes than were sited in 2014. 

It strikes me that, the benefactors (Haith's customers) of such a scheme are setting up the birds (the beneficiaries) to a). have more roosting places over winter, and b). have more safe places to breed during the breeding season. (As the nesting boxes will be available sooner, birds can locate their new family home and get on with the business of breeding). 

What also makes this a refreshing approach is that Haith's help to fly offers have been placed on products garden birders actually want to purchase. 

A key ingredient to Haith's is to keep the cost of feeding the birds affordable all year round. Large one-off discounts do little to promote safe bird feeding as, buying more than the birds consume on a regular basis can see uneaten bags of bird food left idle, losing their fresh qualities.

The succes of "Help to Fly!" has encouraged Haith's to add additional lines to the project, and the hope is that more of us will be encouraged to feed the birds this autumn and winter. 

Click on the image below to learn more about Haith's "Help to Fly!" project...

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