Hello, we’re nutty about our bird food recipes

We started Bill Oddie’s Bird Food Recipes back in 2004 and we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this year (2014). Our original plan was to make it easier for people to feed high-quality bird food to birds, and to help birders enjoy the process too. Feeding wild birds can be great fun and there’s no doubt in our mind that supplementary feeding of garden birds is essential.

Since 2004, we’ve encouraged thousands of newcomers to welcome wildlife into their gardens, and we’ve also introduced youngsters to nature. It's been an amazing ten years. 

The head honcho of bird food recipes is none other than Bill Oddie, naturalist, broadcaster, author and legend. Bill tests and helps develop all the bird food recipes and challenges the bird food recipes team to continue to improve its quality and advance the range to help wildlife thrive.

Behind Bill there’s a team of enthusiastic naturalists working hard to make life better for Britain’s birds and ensuring our bird foods are safe and nutritious. Visit the blog for regular updates from the bird food recipes team.

We work with avian experts to improve the quality of our bird food recipes. Our research shows that clean seed is best for birds. Our specialists have it covered.

We’ve had ten great years and we’re looking forward to making the next ten even better. Join us; enjoy feeding the birds more with Britain’s favourite bird food chef, Bill Oddie, behind you.

Backed by Haith's, trusted specialists since 1937

The company behind Bill Oddie’s Bird Food Recipes is none other than Haith’s, the bird food specialist. Haith's clean and blend the best bird food and have been doing so for three generations since 1937. “We're proud of our heritage and the superb quality of our products, “ explains David Haith – Managing Director. “And our partnership will Bill has helped millions of birds and hundreds of thousands of birders across Britain to feed safe, healthy and superclean bird food.”

All Bill’s foods are cleaned, processed and packed at The Bird Food Centre, Lincolnshire.

Taking a lead with an ambitious sustainability policy

In June 2008, we moved to our stunning new purpose-built premises on the edge of Grimsby. Although a key reason for the move was to allow us to keep pace with demand for the Bill Oddie range of products, the overriding motivation was to ensure we were able to meet fully out commitment of implementing our sustainability policy.
The building has been constructed using the latest environmentally-friendly thinking and technology:

-    High quality insulation
-    Roof windows for more natural light
-    Energy efficient lighting and heating
-    Efficient single-site processing and packaging

Finally, our location on a foot and cycle path is an important component of green travel plans.