Foreign Finchs

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Foreign Finch Mix

Foreign Finch MixtureAdvantages
•    A staple diet for Foreign Finches
•    Helps to maintain condition throughout the year
•    An ideal feed for smaller finches
•    Formulated by experts
•    Seed is inspected and passed by Haith’s QC
•    BIAZA award winning Quality Control

Suitable for
•    Foreign FinchForeign Finches
•    Zebra Finch
•    Buntings

Nutritional Analysis
Oil A (Ether Extract)                               4.32%
Crude Protein (N x 6.25) (Dumas)        11.00%
Crude Fibre                                            9.20%
Moisture                                               10.80%
Ash                                                         3.60%
Total Oil (Oil B)                                       4.94%
Starch                                                   52.30%

List of Ingredients
Seed, Oil Seed, Cereal, Soya, Dried Ripe Fruits, Compound Food Stuffs, Veg Oil, Natural Sweetner, Baker’s Honey, Dried Insects, Fruit Oil, Permitted Food Colourants, Vitamins

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