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Haith's PRO at the BIAZA Bird Working Group - 26/27 November, 2014

Monday, 10th November 2014

Haith's PRO's Simon King will be attending the BIAZA Bird Working Group with Andy Beer (RZSS project partner) to give an update on how they're advancing avian nutrition.
We reported back in June the launch of an exciting project (Haith's, RZSS/Andy Beer) to advance avian nutrition and deliver robust nutritional information to bird curators in the BIAZA Zoo Community and - in time - beyond, to bird-keepers and eventually enthusiasts that feed wild (free living) birds. We are looking forward to sharing our results with the BIAZA Bird Working Group later this month...

Healthy diet, healthy birds:

We're gradually bolting on the knowledge we're gaining from each bird seed analysis and using it to strengthen the framework of our SuperClean seed processing plant and procedures. We’re consolidating our message, dust elimination (SuperClean) and healthy diets are our priority. 

Prosecto Insectivorous is a softfood bird diets that's already benefitted from analysis and it's now been re-positioned as a softfood that's low in iron and therefore safer for birds that suffer with iron-storage disease.

Read the full Haith's PRO/RZSS Press release:

Haith's is a BIAZA Corporate Member and works closely with the 'good zoo' community, to share its avian nutrition information with the aim of improving conservation results. 

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