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Pure and Proven Bird Diets for BIAZA Zoos

Good quality bird food can help maintain a bird’s health, which can reduce ailments. The right diet can cut down on obesity, and help birds thrive and breed successfully in captivity. We specialize in adding variety to our bird foods because we know it’s important to consider acceptability and palatability, and to ensure that diets are as varied and interesting as possible.

There are in excess of 50 bird food products available to PRO Users. We’re accustomed, after nearly 80 years of experience to providing variety, and we’re used to supporting professional bird-breeders. We help them bring their birds into breeding condition with special foods like Prosecto Insectivorous™, Softbill Food™, Nectarblend™, Rearing & Condition Food and Egg Biscuit Food – all made fresh, daily, on the premises.