•    Haith’s & Bill Oddie’s Bird Food “Love Your Zoo” Tour - May 28, 29 & 30th

Bill Oddie OBE, naturalist, broadcaster, author and legend sets forth on the Haith’s & Bill Oddie’s Bird Food “Love Your Zoo” Tour to educate youngsters about the important role “good zoos” play in wildlife conservation - and how beneficial they are, because they introduce humans to wildlife.
BIAZA zoos have zoological collections that are licensed under zoo licensing legislation and they do more than comply with zoo legislation in Britain & Ireland.
“Do they have an important role to play in conservation?” asks Bill Oddie. “Yes. I believe they do.”
“Over one million people – mainly children – apparently visit BIAZA collections on an “organised educational visit” each year, which to me suggests good zoos are already doing a great job of educating future curators of the planet, and that’s why I’m taking my bird food recipes team on tour to support them,” explains Bill.
Bill Oddie & his bird food recipes team will be giving away free “goodies” and giving a short talk to explain how easy it is to welcome wildlife into a garden.
“We can all do our bit for nature - what could be easier than filling a bird feeder with high-quality bird food and providing fresh drinking and bathing water? Switch off the Xbox, hide the iPad. Let’s encourage youngsters to explore what’s happening on their doorstep. Come along to the “Love Your Zoo” Tour and we’ll show you how easy it is to attract wildlife into your garden.”

- May 28th Shepreth Zoo
- May 29th Newquay Zoo
- May 30th Hobbledown, Epsom, Surrey

Bill Oddie’s Bird Food Recipes are available online at http://www.billoddiesbirdfood.co.uk/ and in store at Sainsbury’s and Wilkinson.
Haith’s bird foods can be found online at http://www.haiths.com/

Please visit http://www.loveyourzoo.co.uk/zoos.html to see a full list of the zoos taking part in the "Love Your Zoo" event (Saturday May 24th – Saturday, May 31st, 2014)

The Love Your Zoo campaign was launched by BIAZA.

Its aim is to encourage people to visit their local BIAZA zoos and aquariums and to not only have a great day out, but also learn just how much they do for conservation, education and research.

Zoos, aquariums and wildlife centres across the UK will be taking part again this year and will be putting on a week of fun activities for you and your family.

Let BIAZA know how you enjoy the week by emailing admin@biaza.org.uk and by visiting the BIAZA Facebook or Twitter Page.

•    Health of Birds – The Role of Nutrition (Workshop) - The Bird Food Centre, Dec 2013.

Haith’s PRO Workshop presented by Professor John Cooper and Mrs Margaret Cooper, and attended by the Haith’s PRO QC Team at Haith’s. Looking at the key role diet plays in the whole-life of birds.

 •    Workshop on birds of prey held in Kenya – John and Margaret Cooper 

A One-Day Workshop on the health and welfare of birds of prey and their interface with poultry and other species was held at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM), University of Nairobi, on Wednesday 3rd July, 2013
•    Haith’s PRO at The BIAZA Conference, Plymouth.

The Haith’s PRO team (from left: Simon King & Rachael Haith) are joined by Professor John Cooper (right) to congratulate Zoo Nutrition Intern – Francis Cabana – on completing the first Haith’s PRO Scholarship for Studies in Nutrition. Haith's are Corporate Members of BIAZA.


Miss Rosie Haith & Mrs Rachael Haith

The Haith’s Team share their bird diet quality control (QC) knowledge with veterinary students at Cambridge University (CUVZS).