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Sun Lo Parrot Mix™

Parrot Sun Lo MixtureAdvantages
•    Low in fat in comparison to heavily sunflower based diets
•    A healthy alternative
•    Contains a variety of ingredients
•    Seed is inspected and passed by Haith’s QC
•    BIAZA award winning Quality Control

Suitable for
•    Parrots
•    Cockatoos
•    MacawsParrot

Nutritional Analysis
Oil A (Ether Extract)                            17.89%
Crude Protein (N x 6.25) (Dumas)       14.90%
Crude Fibre                                           8.20%
Moisture                                               10.40%
Ash                                                        2.20%
Total Oil (Oil B)                                    17.98%
Starch                                                  30.00%

List of Ingredients
Micronized Maize, Small Sunflower, Micronized Peas, Premium Peanuts, French Maize, Banana Chips, Monkeynuts (In Shell), White Pumpkinseed, Chillies, Micronized Wheat, Mixed Large Nuts In Shell, Papaya, Pineapple Core/Flesh

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