The Choice of Champions

Champion bird-keepers and leading bird-breeders have used Haith’s cage and aviary bird seeds to win exhibition championships since 1937. If you want your bird to catch the Judge’s eye, you need to take a good look at our full range of seeds and foods, too. We’ve helped generations of bird-keepers get the best out of their birds with a simple philosophy that’s been part of Haith’s since day one: healthy diet, healthy bird.

We start by selecting the finest seeds and then SUPERCLEAN those using a process we’ve been refining since 1937 – only then do we blend the individual ingredients into tried and tested mixes which have helped birds and bird-keepers thrive for more than 75 years.

Take a look at this photo below, taken at the National Exhibition in London. You can see that we were early pioneers looking at “dirt” and “contamination” of seed mixes. Champions use Haith’s because they trust Haith’s. You and your bird collection are safe with Haith’s, too.


Don’t worry, though, if you’re not a Champion; Haith’s is often also the first choice of hobbyists, enthusiasts, companion bird-keepers, zoos and cage bird society members throughout Europe. We’ll do our best to help share what we know about bird-keeping and bird diets with you and together we’ll keep your bird collection healthy.

And we’ll do that with a smile – just as we have done since 1937.