Trade, Wholesale & Professional Partnerships

We currently work with a number of carefully selected trade, wholesale and professional partners.

Our partners traditionally fit into one of three main categories (see below) and clicking on the category closest to describing your business will help us to deal with your enquiry more efficiently.  Thank you.

1.    Bait Manufacturers who have used our ingredients since the 50s to improve their fishing baits

2.    Professional users such as zoos, universities, wildlife charities, wildlife parks and bird curators who feed our high-quality bird diets to their birds and wildlife

3.    Retailers who purchase our goods (Bill Oddie’s Bird Food Recipes) at trade prices and sell them from their own premises or online, for example: garden centres, supermarkets, pet superstores, online retailers   

If you’re unsure how you’d like to use our products, here’s what we’re famous for. Please click on the one you’d like to talk to us about.